This story happened to me like a year ago, during summer, while I was doing exactly nothing and walking around my neighborhood because I had nothing better to do with my life (oh how obvious). I still remember it like it was yesterday, kind of a adventure I'd say.

Well, where to start- You would be surprised when somebody comes to you on the street, in the middle of the evening and ask you for something. To be honest with you, I was, like a lot. It never happened to me before, that I talked to a stranger for this long. Usually I have this “I don’t give a fuck about you” facial expression on my face (I do not really know why, honestly, just a bitch face)
People tend to judge when they see somebody like me on the street, walking alone with this “face” – ,,she looks like a snob because she looks the way she looks, why scrowling so much?…why this? why that? she looks like…?
Because I freaking want to?
What the hell people? Stop this judgemental phase,it’s not fair to me and to all of those people who might look like me or they are acting and looking their own way. 


It’s not the thing I wanted to talk about today, so back to the topic.
Night stranger, as I met him I was wondering what is he doing here, in the gardens, in my hometown, even if he is not from here? Actually, I got to know, he was trying to find some quiet place where he can sit down, light his cigarette up and just listen to quietness of the place, somehow enjoy the night.
We started to talk (no names no nothing) and walked to the town to grab some beer, as we were talking he started telling me his story. I was really surprised when he told me how successful he is with his business, in one of my most favorite towns. Even if he is so young (24 y.o) he has 42 employees under his hand, still traveling from town to town, doing workshops, teaching new employees to new things, opening new bars.. and he is so young and decided to do something what he loves instead of something what he is supposed to do, is completely hilarious! Today, I don't really know if it was true or nah, the point is still there- he was doing something that he wanted and not something that e.g parents or society wanted from him to do.

After some time, we decided to go to buy some food and more beer but it was like a deep Sunday night so I suggested to go to 24/7 groceries, so out of nothing he jumped into the traffic and caught taxi ( I remember it clearly- it felt like in NY for a second) it was fun actually we were in the 95% empty groceries (I mean lonely? ) trying to decide which flavor of beer is the best, laughing on stuff and funny situations from our lives.
After, we walked back to the town (because it was like on the edge of my town) I made some pictures (of course as usual my weird fetishes are visible again!).
We talked a lot more, drinking beers, having fun and then I decided to go home because it was pretty late and I was tired to death. 
SO- Goodbye my new friend, it was a pleasure to meet you!

The thing I want to tell you at the real end is, that sometimes when you turn off your “ bitchy mean mode face” something awesome can happen…and it happened because I got to know a solid person, who made me realize, that I want to do things my way and how I like, not what society wants me to do, because you always need to do what is the best for you and not for them- because YOU are the important here, not them.

Remember that.


Published by Nina S