Makes me thing of the Book/Movie––The HOST.


It was a few years ago, in fact, some time before that; when I was at the Correctional Services’ Training Academy.
Well the fact was, we had Semi-Military training and were the last group going through this; seeing that things had changed dramatically.
The idea isn’t that I was there, but when I was;
I had an overactive gland problem.


This continued to the point that one of the guys I was at the Academy with, asked me a few questions.
One of which was, did I shower daily?
Mind you, I had no idea what was coming and then after it understood what he and the rest got to.
To say the least, after that I made a point of it; training as we did––shaving under my arms helped out with the sweat stench.


Then later on at the Prison detail I was working at,
I spoke to my General House Doctor who referred me to a Specialist.
Helping as they did, I underwent an operation and on my Spinal Column;
They cut nerves which were responsible for the Over-Active release of sweat from under my arms––all the way up to my hands.


At school it was so bad, when I was at final exams, I couldn’t hold onto my pen while I wrote the last exams in Primary School…
I doubt that it made any kind of difference in my Concentration as I never really learned that much!
UNLIKE now, I devour info at a much greater Magnitude!


STILL, with the Operation, I was hooked on a Lung-and-Heart machine.
I can tell you that it’s Pain you Cannot Imagine and Shouldn’t Endure – Recovering from that Operation that is.
Now here’s the funny part,
After the operation, with the SHOCK of the operation on my body I suspect;
SUDDENLY, I started to suffer from Very Short Stints of light-headedness.
The kind which you get when sitting for Long periods and getting up fast.
This didn’t make too much sense to me and I knew that something in me had gone BONKERS to an extreme extent!


Little did I know, even later than that;
Once more I passed under the KNIFE A G A I N!!!
This time, it was for Heartburn.
AFTER swallowing that HORRIBLE camera, they found that not only do I have an Ineffective Stomach valve (trap-door) for laymen terms…
Not only this, but the membrane around the stomach had a tear in it as well.
SO, when I Wanted or Suspected it the least––I got a nasty case or Heartburn!
The acid was so active that slowly but surely it affected my throat.

Dissolving parts of the throat itself.
This time, they did an almost less invasive procedure.
It didn’t feel like something had crushed my lungs and I could get out of the Hospital sooner than before.
Still, in the X-rays, later on, I found that there were ‘Medical Staples’ in my stomach for life…


AFTER this Operation,
Suddenly my body just OBJECTED at eating any Kind of Breakfast…


I ONLY drink a cup of Coffee in the mornings.
Now then,
Only a few days ago, two weeks or so maybe––
I found that suddenly the Coffee I’m actually Addicted to,
STARTED to taste like Sewerage-Water…
This to the point that I started to Investigate what was REALLY going on!


At work when I drank the Coffee for the Morning,
It was okay and I was UTTERLY puzzled at how it could be…
I knew at work there was no filter and so,
Replacing the ENTIRE new Water-Purifier was my first order of business!


That done,
The Coffee still tasted like I’d not finish a cup!
Now I looked at the Coffee itself,
Having THREE Different brands at the time;
THIS looked to be truly Impossible at all being the Reason for the Horrid taste.


Next, I Changed the Kettle,
That was after I’d Chemically cleaned it,
Suspecting that something in the Kettle was turning the water itself fowl…


ON the Internet there wasn’t much more I could Research and nothing to be found.
Last but not the Least,
At work they used Milk in the Coffee and SO;
At HOME I use Coffee-Creamer.
I bought a smaller pack of another brand and TESTED this in a cup as well…


To My Great Big Surprise,
I’d become Allergic or Saturated to the Taste of Creamer in the Coffee.
A day or two back I once more Made another Cup of Coffee with the Creamer I still have…
THE smell still remains…


Now this makes me wonder,
How did this come about?
When I underwent the two Operations, things went Bonkers right at the Get-Go…


After THOSE,
I had two Back-Operations,
If not then I’d be wheelchair bound;
NOW, would this last reaction be from one of the Operation and if so––
WHAT could the possibility be that there’s another WEIRD thing that will Transpire for me…


Seriously, these things just happen with me Having to Undergo some Medical Procedure,
THEN what to say about those people either Using Drugs and/or Using Steroids for training or so…


I seriously HOPE, nothing else will POP its Ugly head out!

Published by Cobus Vermeulen