Rating: 4/5

I didn’t give a lot of thought before I began watching the show. Usually I do an extensive research on the show I am going to watch, to understand if the show is of my type, and mainly if I would make it to the end. Stranger Things had a huge hype going around already and after reading my friend’s review of the show, I decided to watch it without any background check.

Stranger Things promote itself as a tribute to the 80s kids. But as a 90s kid, I absolutely loved it. It had a strong nostalgic factor which made me crave to get back to the 90s and experience all those lovely TV shows we had back then, all those fantastic time we spent with our friends on the streets, in each other’s houses, playing board games and role-plays. This show has adventure, horror, supernatural element, actually everything needed for it to be a great entertainer. Even though I am not a sci-fi fan, the entire atmosphere created in the show gripped me instantly.

The show has many parallel lines which come together at the end. Four little boys, bound by strong friendship, see one of them (Will) suddenly going missing. The rest of the three vow to find their friend and bring him back. They set out on a risky adventure, on their cycles, befriend a young girl- Eleven, realise Eleven isn’t a normal girl but someone with superpowers, someone who could help them find Will. Their loyalty and friendship is tested which they pass in flying colours. Every emotion sends out such a positive feeling. Simultaneously, we have Will’s mother who is determined that her son is alive, contrary to other’s opinion, and fights the strange happenings in her house, on her own, with mighty courage and grit. Will’s brother takes his own route to find out the mystery behind the sudden disappearances. The Sheriff of the town follows his own investigation while battling his personal demons. Amongst all this, we have a dreadful monster sticking out of the walls, lights used as a means of communication, government secrets and projects and loads of other complex theories to blow our mind.

I won’t delve more into the characters and the story lines. No heads-up. This 8-part series has such chilling moments which have become a rare sight in today’s horror show. All the relationships portrayed have beautiful innocence filled in them. There is no cunningness or backstabbing or betrayal. The show includes almost everything a 80s/90s kid would relate to.

Having appreciated well enough, there are some disappointing factors as well. I never really understood the back story of Eleven and her father. What was the project? What was that ghastly, sticky, foggy place? Was that inside the government building? Also- what was that monster and from where did it rise from? Was these questions deliberately left unanswered so that they could continue with the next season? I also wished, the teacher of the kids had more involvement in the story.

All the actors played their part well. All the kids did a tremendous job. The background music is one of the heroes of the show. It was timed perfectly in horror-moments. Light being used as a conversing medium was a brilliant idea.

Stranger Things is definitely a must-watch show. It has something for everyone to enjoy. 

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Published by Shwetha R