I finally managed to watch "Stranger Things ".My oh my,what a wonderful show!I believe it reminds us most of our fond memories when we were kids and why we should never forget the times we spent with our friends before screens took over friendship.

A show about kids,In their goofy selves,

A story of the 80s,As wicked and spooky it could be!

Welcome to the world ,Of things and things,

Strange as it might be!!

And you love it in an instant.

In your 30s you reminiscence,

The wonderful decade of adventure and mystery,

The exciting decade of the 80s!

When E.T and close encounters of the third kind,

Ruled our hearts

When Spielberg and John Carpenter,

Nudged our nerdiness and made us look cool.

Every kid ,a fan of alien,dungeons and dragons,

Where imagination ruled,

Where we spent our childhood making up strategies,

Cycling with our pals.

As I watched the magnificence delightfully,

Stranger things never ceased to amuse and scare.

I laughed out loud  at times,

I  was horrified,petrified in awe sometimes.

It reminded me about the magic we seem to ignore lately.

Imagination we had relied so much upon,

Friendship between brave children in search of their friend,

Whilst believing in themselves in the midst of their innocence.

The bravery of the youth in search of the lost ones,

The Barb we all knew to depend on,to keep us focused.

The loyalty that seems to be lost in fashion.

Where is it all ?Why has it disappeared ?

Why is it strange to have one Best friend?

When did we lose it all ?


Published by Deepthi Suresh