Part of me hates seeing you
not because I hate you
but I guess I hate what we have become.
I hate how you have made me ask myself all the whys
Why we turned out like we never had history
Like, we were never friends
Why all of a sudden you don’t talk to me anymore.

You made me write about you
not just once, but twice.
I kept wondering for days, weeks actually.
I can’t help not to think about it, you.
All I know is, nothing is the same.

But maybe I don’t deserve to know.
Maybe it’s just meant to be this way.
I am tired of thinking
I am tired of caring
Cos I don’t feel you care anyway

This is the last time that I’m going to write about you
I am leaving all these behind
But I’ll treasure all the good times.
I may now be a stranger to you. I don’t mind
At least I know the kind of world with you in it be like.

If we cross paths, I’d care to say hi.
I don’t know how you’ll respond
I don’t want to put my hopes high.
But I don’t mind if you give a smile.


So long, stranger.

Published by Jen Medrano