My days here have settled into a sort of routine. Wake up, go to work, come home, watch Netflix, run, dinner, and repeat the next day. However, a difference has been made.

This past weekend I decided to spend my night at The Yukon Bar where live music was to be happening. I don’t usually spend my time at bars and drinking; however, I decided I wanted to go out. I pulled on some jeans, a flouncy shirt, and some hiking boots. I smeared on some foundation, sketched on my eyeliner, and outlined my lips with red while filling them with purple.

I met a friend there who I was introduced to awhile back. Rum and coke has begun to be my go-to drink and it was what I ordered as soon as I walked in the door. A couple hours passed, filled with joyous conversations and alcohol, our ears and souls overjoyed by the upbeat, fun music. I began to dance…my body controlled by the music; twirling to the chords of the guitar, my feet stomping along with the box drum, and my arms swaying with the bass.

My eyes met someone’s. He was dancing and jumping, smiling as he switched from partner to partner. We made our way closer to each other, seemingly pulled towards one another as songs progressed. We turned towards each other, smiling as we enjoyed our introduction. His hand reached around my waist and pulled me closer, we began jumping in sync. As songs became faster and louder, our bodies merged together, rolling as one and we began to smile again. Our eyes flitting with excitement, and we yelled to each other how great we thought the other was to dance with.

We danced for over twenty minutes together, the longest he danced with anyone that night. He looked at me as we stopped for a breather, “you’re so fucking pretty!” He put his hands on my face and pulled me towards him and we began to kiss. As our lips were connecting, the music started playing again. His hand remained on my lower back and our bodies began to roll together again. We laughed as we pulled away and began jumping to the music again. Our eyes never left each other.

We joined together again. “Where are you staying tonight?” I yelled in his direction. This was a massive first move that I never make. He asked where I was staying and as we were walking out we began hunting down hotels.

That was the first adventure and it continued on for two more nights of dancing and wandering around town. He remembered what I liked to drink and wanted to know all about my life.

While I have been here, I did not find myself attracted to or wanting to enjoy the company of any man that I came in contact with, until I met him.

I am not interested in any major commitment, and neither is this man, but we do enjoy the company of each other and that is something I can value and enjoy for the rest of my time here. He has been placed in my life and I will value that.

I will learn what it’s like for someone to be kind to me, care about what I like, and pay attention to the smallest details. 

Published by Nicole Clement