When you run a business, the last thing you want is for any injuries to occur. When they do, they often end up as lawsuits with a WSIB lawyer who will work the case aggressively. When someone sustains a serious injury on the job and the damage comes to a point at which they can’t work as much as before (or not at all anymore), and they choose to press charges with an experienced attorney, they are reasonably likely to receive a handsome sum of compensation. When you run a business, the last thing that you want to lose is money and your business’s reputation like that.

Basic Strategies

Fortunately, there are many strategies of mindfulness that you can implement to prevent workplace injuries from occurring. The first is to communicate with your employees and ensure that they work with each other to maintain a tidy environment clear of all foreseeable hazards. If you are a business that relies on heavy machinery – such as road or building construction – implement a reasonable policy and budget for properly training your employees on such equipment; there are even specific workplace safety training companies you could outsource this task to.

If your business is an office setting, always be aware of any damaged electrical cords, signs of water damage, mold, etc. When your carpet becomes particularly worn, don’t hesitate to work your budget around replacing it. Another reason that cubicles are a good idea is that they help to keep computers and telephone equipment away from walking areas. Have a policy for what to do in case of a fire and don’t hesitate to conduct drills on a regular basis.

If it is a restaurant that you own, it is especially essential to reinforce health codes, such as practicing hand hygiene when using the restroom. You'll also want to be prepared to pass any health inspection that you may be faced with; if you don’t, you risk having to close your restaurant or losing it completely.

Keeping your employees apprised of all safety measures is essential to maintaining a safe work environment. Keeping all employees apprised of any new policies regarding safety is also critical. If you see fit to do so, don’t hesitate to set aside part of your budget to make up a safety committee from a cross-section of employees who can be designated to ensure that your place of business is regularly updated for maximum safety. Having high levels of awareness and communication truly is the best way to prevent accidents.

Other Strategies

If your business is in a field such as construction, firefighting, or has a chemistry laboratory, always ensure that your employees are wearing the proper uniform and/or safety equipment, such as goggles, before they are allowed to do their jobs.

Allow your employees to come to you with any concerns for safety at any time. This, too, allows for openness and prevention of injury due to workplace accidents. As we’ve said before, the last thing you want is for injured employees to hire workers compensation lawyers – the possible loss of profits and reputation could be highly problematic. 

Published by Shubhi Gupta