Sail away into the horizon,

In search of the red rays,

As the water glowed when you touched her,

I stuck my hand into your heart.

The long journey of illusion,

Kept moving away as I neared,

In turn showing me a world yet to see.

Alone with you I sailed away,

Crushing the doom that haunted me,

Confronting you with loud laughs,

With my favourite thought pulling me,

“Come my dear to your strawberry clouds”.

Rowing faster to soak in the juicy fruits of labor,

Turning back to see the dark shadow,

And there it was playing hide and seek with rippled water!!

Sweetness in shine as it danced with the waves,

Giving way to in between day dreams as the sun rises.

And I sang “its just another day to follow your dreams”.

Photo Credits :Deepthi Suresh

Published by Deepthi Suresh