Enjoying the last days of summer with this strawberry and mint porridge bowl- the flavour reminds me of Pimms! I made mine even more decadent with some melty dark chocolate squares and gave it a nutrient boost with a sprinkling of chia seeds.


1/2 cup rolled oats

1 cup almond milk

5 fresh strawberries 

small handful of fresh mint, chopped

2 teaspoons honey


strawberry slices

chia seeds

dark chocolate squares

fresh mint

splash of almond milk

Soak the oats in the almond milk overnight (optional, but makes a much creamier porridge that cooks quicker). Blend or mash the fresh strawberries to form a puree, stir this into the oats and milk then heat everything in a pan with the fresh mint until a warm, creamy porridge forms. Stir in the honey and transfer to a bowl. Top with strawberries, chia seeds, chocolate and mint, and add an extra splash of almond milk if desired. Enjoy!


Published by Maddy Kent