After several ASEAN stops, it is but proper to end this street food, noodle crawl in my native Philippines. There are too many places to choose from. This is largely because of the diversity that our archipelago offers- all 7,107 islands of it. 

But for this post, I did not have to look far. I chose the island that I visited the most. I seriously lost count. I could only trace back to 2004 when my sister found love on the shores of... Puerto Galera. 

Puerto Galera lies at the northwestern tip of Oriental Mindoro, south of Metro Manila. It takes a 2 hour bus ride and an hour ferry ride to get to this white beach. It offers so much for a wandering soul. It can be diving to the deepest trenches, and witnessing the wonderland beneath the ocean. Hiking may be your thing, go explore what lies within the surrounding mountain range. Or you can be like me who prefers to be on flat ground. Don't despair, you can sit and relax in one of the most beautiful bays in the world.  

In this pocket paradise, there was a lot more to discover. No matter how many visits I made, there is always a surprise waiting for me. 

After an hour trek inland, this mini-waterfall in Aninuan showed its utmost beauty.


Aninuan Falls, Puerto Galera; Photo by Michelle Africa


A short boat ride from the main beach lead us to Haligi Beach, this picnic and snorkelling area. This is one of my favorite sun lounging spots, and our family picnic spot of choice.


Haligi Beach; Photo by Michelle Africa


For this edition, however, I want to focus on this noodle soup discovery. We were walking on the roadside, by the National Highway. From Puerto Galera town towards Aninuan, we stopped by this bahay-kubo (mini-hut). We were surprised to find an eatery. It had all but 3 tables inside. Mind you, it was no 7-11. We entered and chose the table right by the window. It had the most amazing view of the White Beach cove!


A bird's eye view of White Beach, Puerto Galera; Photo by Michelle Africa


And for lunch, we had this bowl of lomi.

Lomi in White Beach, Puerto Galera; Photo by Michelle Africa


Lomi is a thick soup, cooked with fresh egg noodles. The soup is so thick, that when it's piping hot, it is so difficult to slurp. In Batangas, they even give you a plate where you can spoon the soup and mix it with condiments, and let it cool a bit before eating.  That was the version I was accustomed to. This was quite different. It had the same thick soup, though it had flecks of beaten egg. It reminded me of egg drop soup. This was also light colored, compared to the others. I loved the toppings of veggies, meat and egg.  It looked like a virtual color wheel!

It was high noon, this soup pumped us up for the island hop and inland trek ahead. The energy it gave made us discover spots we haven't been to before. And after all was done, and the dark set in, this sunset completed this wonderful day.


Puerto Galera Sunset Date; Photo by Michelle Africa


The beauty of Puerto Galera really shines through. I know this will be the first of many posts that I will write about it. I promise there will be more!

This article originally appears in my personal blog, Chowpowwows, where chow is always on the lowdown. 


Published by Michelle Africa