I usually start my day with 15-20 Surya namaskars, some breathing exercises and the usual cleansing with lemon water, but this day was a little different and ironically it was the International Day of Yoga!

I was running late to work, there was more traffic than usual on the road and some fire fighting awaited at work, the mere thought of it burnt me down. So I reached office and got set to start of the day with this huge download of things to do. I took a moment to calm my nerves and just wondered- “why do I feel this way”- this strange feeling as though being run over by a bus, losing sense of self and feeling burnt out. This similar feeling I felt when John Snow was charged by thousands of Bolton men in the last episode of the Game of Thrones. Same thing, right?

 It’s important to understand that these two feeling are very different, they may have similar physiological symptoms but they differ at a basic premise of its genesis, the first being experienced unknowingly and totally involuntary while the second being a rather irrational fear of something that is not true and not happening for real. Someone once told me a very interesting thing about stress, “Stress is nothing but how much you take”. If you don’t see it as a big deal, it will never be. This conditioning of the mind comes from meditation or general happiness and contentment. I know it’s easier said than done but then it’s worth a try.

I had a very irritable teenage and early 20s, I still at times feel perturbed over silly things. I am pathetic in stressed situations, but now by virtue of my work and my interactions with people I have learned to reason out things in my mind and calm myself. We need to understand that life is more than having good grades, great job and fancy lifestyles. It’s about identifying your peace zone and being content in it. This need is felt more in the current times where there is a constant pressure to prove oneself, no doubt stress in moderation does bring out great results, but moderation is the word. And how do we strike that? Its important to spread this message around and encourage people to find time for meditation, yoga or any other fitness regime to pump up your heart with positive energy and beat that damn thing called Stress.

Our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi suggested a great initiative of observance of Yoga Day, but then again let it not be just another day of our life but a lifestyle change for a healthy mind and soul.

Published by Nandita Joshi