A short story of fear and humans.


Fear loves humans.

Their tears of despair and screams of terror are absolute joy. Incomparable, truthfully! Fear adores moments where even the strongest souls crumble to pieces, broken and shattered, below his feet. And he smiles, cruel and ruthless.

‘Such weak, powerless creatures.'


Time flies, Fear finally meets his match.

A small skinny girl, no older than eight, in a country where wars are a regular thing.

The first time he saw her, his hollow eyes glinted with wily mischief. He'd have fun with her.

The next time he sees her, she's holding her mother’s body. She’s paralysed, her brother’s draining the last drops of milk. Fear smiles wickedly, 'Cry! Let me hear the pain!!'. But she never does. His lips curls nastily.

Fear visits her again. She's sleeping, hugging her brother protectively, on the cold unforgiving ground. 'A perfect nightmare would do', Fear smirks. He blows, black smoke swirls and flows, and waits. A twitch, a toss, and she wakes, screaming loud and terrified. She pants heavily, eyes wild and frightened. 'Now, break for me!', Fear purrs. She never does. Wide eyes calm down while shaky limbs cover her brother and herself, keeping Fear away.

Fear shrieks in frustration. Next time! Next time he'll win for sure!

‘You. Will. Shatter!!', Fear promises.


She's hiding from the bombs outside. Fire and smoke, she cringes in the corner of the hut, doing her best keeping her brother safe.

Fear laughs viciously, 'MORE! MORE!'

Just as the girl thinks it's over when the noise quiets down, guns and voices and footsteps resound alarmingly. She looks, panicked, at the door, then at her brother. Fear sneers, evil and dark, 'Now's the time. Just surrender and it'll stop.' But like before, she never does.

Fear’s stunned, mouth agape, as the girl puts her brother down, gives him one last hug then smiles, even as tears pour down her cheeks. And she runs. To that door.

Fear stares, then looks down at the boy, small and innocent. He vaguely hears shouts, gun shots, further-away-heavy footsteps. Then everything stops.

For the first time, Fear tastes defeat.


A smile. 'Humans, perhaps, can be strong too.'



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