Three facets of art: the art of line,

lines of chemical rainbow trails
lines of adderall and long nights,
lines of  schizophrenic walks 
through boxy streets, no sidewalks

to prevent soldiers from hiding,

Lines spreading,

making room for mastering the art 
of shape. Crushed beer cans on the 
shape of sinking porches, crumpled
bags with sprinkles of powdered snow...

Salt-bathers shaping themselves 
around the forms of numbing smoke. 
Form flutters, ghostly gypsy dancing 
rises toward empty space.

Mastery of form to take rag-doll bodies

trying to locate higher sensations,

better understanding of their lost ocean eyes,

acid drop tripping living and day- 
dreaming forms struggling to create 
recreate recreate until they combust 
(pray its considered high aesthetic art).

"You will admit/ That sometimes/ Suicide is power/ Some people live stronger as ghosts"-Tongo Eisen Martin


I was assigned to write the "unwriteable". And to be honest, I feel this does not do the subject justice, yet I don't know if I'm ready to accept recent suicides of my friends quite yet. But I do believe this helps me scrape the surface... 

Keep trying, writers....

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