Imagine having a walk on one chilly night in Australia, and when heading back to your home, having those mist on your glasses which makes it hard for you to walk as you can barely see anything. You hate it right? Everyone does. Now what to do about it? Do you have a better option? No? but we sure do. To get rid of this hassle you should definitely get a pair of contact lenses to make your life easier, but oh wait? Is it that easy? Yes, it is if you know how to wear it properly. Well, it might sound like a miracle but sometimes the struggle can be too real!

Here are some of the struggles only contact lens wearers can understand but if you are new to it and don’t want to face such problems, give this a go and read below.

1. Sleeping with the lens on

It’s New Year’s night and you are partying with your friends. Late night, you’re back home, all tired up, without changing or doing anything you sleep.

And you woke up the next morning with your lens on. Now what? You know that isn’t safe, Right? You should never do that no matter how tired you are.

This can cause suction-cupped inside your eyes and it can be hard to get rid of so never sleep with your lens on.

2. Left lens mix up with right eye and vice versa

After having a long weekend imagine getting late to the office on Monday morning. 10 missed calls and 20 text messages by your boss. In a rush, you mix up your left lens with your right eyes and your right eyes with your left ones.

Suddenly, your eyes will start to rain and the pain will increase slowly and gradually.

If you wear prescribed lenses, you should always wear the one for that particular eye. (Never swap between both.)

3. Contacts falling off from your eyes

We all have a habit to casually rub our eyes. Imagine, you’re in a meeting and feel like your lenses are irritating in between. Your hands will run towards your eyes and start to rub and BAM!

 The contacts will usually roll under your eyelid or just fall off. Will you be able to find if it falls on the floor, being able to see with one eye only?

I know that’s really hard because lenses are normally transparent. And if you do not wish to face such problems in the future you should keep your hands away from your eyes.

4. Expensive!!

As a student, or a part-time worker, will you be able to afford a pair of the lens or pay your rent?

THINK TWICE!! Because there are many websites to scam you. So you better do some research beforehand and then order. Your money is very precious. Don’t let your hard work waste.

5. Sticky Makeup

Girls surely love to put glittery eye shadows, mascara, and whatnot, but ever imagined if by chance it gets inside your eyes getting stuck with your contacts? Urgh!!

But if you are someone like “I can’t take my makeup off in the middle of a party!! It will mess it up” Well, you have to live up with gross goop inside your eyes then.

6. Wearing Process

Who puts their finger inside their eyes? It sounds so painful. Well, it is painful and a real struggle for people with lenses. When a person holds the lens on their pinky finger and tries to adjust it with their eyeball, it is the really hard and tear-jerking process.

So always keep a contact lens tweezer/tong (helps you safely and effectively remove lenses from their case) and applicator (are ideal for anyone who may be uncomfortable touching their eyeballs) handy.


For a person with a habit of contact lenses, can never enjoy a beach. They have to get their protective glasses to avoid the sand attack. Why? The tiny sand particles can stick with your lenses and you can have a tear blasting experience.

Or if you wish to just enjoy the sunrise you have to opt for UV contact lenses.

8. Forget Bonfire nights!

Imagine fitting in a heater inside your eyes! Yes, that’s the experience when you’re having a bonfire with your contact lenses on.

Lenses are made out of sensitive plastic and when you get near to the fire, it starts to hurt inside your eyes. ( it can even melt in your eyes causing serious problems and eye infections)

This can severely damage your eyes too!

9. No lens kit, No Sleepover

Watching a match with your friends and it’s too late, so your friend suggests to stay over. Well, until you don’t carry your lens kit you have to say a NO to them.

So carry your lens kit and lenses with you wherever and whenever you go

Published by Qais Ahmadi