Alone again,

Sad again,

Confused again,

In pain once again,

Distracted once again,

Damn, why must life be so horrible

How the hell do we tell our kids it all gets better when we are still searching for better ourselves.

God Lord Jesus, I love you so much; but at times it gets so hard to see you.

Blinded by the shadow of heart ache. Distort by the realities of our now life. How can you hold on to me if I keep letting myself go. You can tell me I’m pretty; I’m talented; my future is far and wide. That means nothing to me If i can’t feel it for myself; if I can’t see the path how I will ever be directed.

What is life if there is no happiness? I can work and chase what I think are my dreams all I want to… but what will money, cars, houses, husband, marriage, family etc. mean to someone who could never mentally, and emotionally be free?

Nothing. It means absolutely nothing!

But I know that one day I will find my way;

For those of you who are like me, I pray that one day we too will be happy.

 I love you!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews