With the rain making a wonderful sound on my window as background music there was no need for mood music. Usually I put on some Nina Simone or Billy Holiday to get me going.  Is the right mood important? To me it is , I  need to get in a slow journey thru my heart to my hand. The small oil paintings from the W.S. collection are never planned. I follow the color's lead. But the big ones I plan , make drawings and stare for hour's. I just started a new big one , my inspiration is still my ceramic work. Some years ago I transfer'd my favorite song A wonderful world by Louise Armstrong from music to ceramic mixed media and now it's moving on to be an oil painting, most probably more oil paintings.  The beginning is in place, now it's to dark in my studio so I will continue tomorrow. Oooo I want it to be tomorrow..

Published by Annica Delfos