I'm starting to come to my senses and probably don't even need to do this but I'm going to anyways. This morning someone called me a "Stupid fuckin nigger bitch" & Said because of me, black people deserve all the stereotypes we get. They said I go blog about black people rights but " I sell Pussy". Now all this sourced from me telling him I didn't want to be with him and to NEVER call me again. if I'm such a stupid nigger bitch, WHAT ARE YOU SO MAD FOR? & I sell pussy? No sir, that's illegal and I am not a prostitute. Maybe you shouldn't talk about grown up things, your little brain can't comprehend. It's so crazy how when you get mad you're quick to try to throw that in my face but when ever you need something you're all for it. I'm assuming you said all that to hurt me, but all you did was hurt yourself. I'M A "PROSTITUTE" remember? There's nothing you can do or say to me to make me feel worse about myself than I already do. GOOD JOB MR SMART ASS, YOU TRIED TO PUT DOWN A HOOKER AND FAILED. I think god will forgive me for doing what I need to take care of me & mines, now as far as you getting high and doing the shit you do....., eeehh I don't know. How is it your mother wasn't even a hooker, she was a whore & you adore her, but when I step up, do what I NEED to because you have a "good paying job" that don't pay shit, and an expensive habit, I'm frowned upon? You go around talking shit about my work saying how it makes you insecure, you think that makes you look good or something? WHY NOT GET A FUCKIN JOB, STEP THE FUCK UP, BE A FUCKIN MAN, BE DEPENDABLE, LEARN HOW TO PRIORITIEZE, SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, HAVE JUST 1 FUCKIN MASCALINE CHARACTERISTIC! QUALITY! DO YOU KNOW WHAT A MAN EVEN IS?
     You know, maybe it 's a good thing you're not in your son's life. If he ends up being ANYTHING like you, SMH he's going to have a hard life. Now to this stereotype comment, NOT ONCE HAVE I EVER SPOKEN AS IF I WERE FIGHTING FOR BLACKS RIGHTS NOR HAVE I SAID THAT, AND ITS BECAUSE OF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHY I DON'T! This is not only a white man's world but KKK VIRGINIA BEACH. Had I killed you when you said that shit to me you think the police are gonna care you're dead? HAHAHHA who's really stupid? They're not gonna give a fuck, they're going to  be happy to have another black life to throw away! What the hell did I do that was so bad, that I made black people deserve to be discriminated, judged, falsely arrested, wrongly incarcerated, killed and everything else? Black people were getting treated like shit LONG before I was even thought of. My Baba was a black panther, I've said that, and YOU out of all people should know, I feel as a black woman I have limitations. So what I'm well spoken, I'm smart, I know what I'm talking about. All everyone see's is a pretty stupid nigger bitch. Thanks.
      I Wanted to be a social worker, not a damn activist or something. I know that's a battle we're not gonna win. I am no Rosa Parks, hell if anything I'd be Monica Lewinsky. So what are you saying? You said I think I'm too good to work? Nah, I think I'm too smart to be flipping burgers but too broke to go to college! Like I said earlier, I KNOW MY LIMITATIONS! I know white men hate black men but love black woman. I know the game I'm playing and I play it well! You Show me another escort that has client's "investing in her future" like I do, as much as I do and then let's see her do what I do. I'll wait.....
This is the oldest profession. I'm doing what you wish you could & youre jealous, that's why you talk so much shit about me.
     Even though you said talking shit about me makes you feel better, it doesn't. If it really does makes you feel better, then why do you keep doing it? You're that empty? You hate yourself that much? You don't hate me, you're obsessed with me. Everything I do, you TRY to do better as if someone's even paying that much attention to you. You haven't realized that all you're doing is ruining friendships with real people to go and be a fool with people who don't give 2 fucks about you? You just fucked yourself, because at the end of the day, "prostituting" or not, I'm going to be OKAY! I'm going to be taken care of, I'll have a roof over my head and I wont be surrounded by fake mothafuckas who secretly have it out for me, and that kills you.
Even still with everything you said to me, I don't hate you nor do I wish you any harm. I wished when you knew you couldn't handle being in a relationship with me, you had told me instead of belittling me because of it while you lived off it.

Published by ShylahBoss Lee