It's been days since I've posted any content! My apologies, coming up with a page full of new ideas over a course of just two days is quite mind boggling and my mind has truly become exhausted from it. Not to mention I've got three job interviews this month that I have to be prepared for. Anyways, I've written this countless times and I intend to continue saying it; everybody has their own taste of style and a different meaning of it. In this particular post, I want to go in depth about what style means to myself and about people whom I look up to for inspiration and encouragement. Now there are many different types of garments in the fashion industry and also around the globe which goes to show the amount of different tastes in clothing and expression. Honestly, I also believe one of the best ways to build up one's self confidence is to comfortably learn how to express themselves with the clothes they wear. However it doesn't have to be expensive because there are always alternative options. Lets get into the content... 


What Style Means to Me

Personally, I believe style is fundamental for everybody. It partakes in showing who one really is and what they're into. Also referred to as self-marketing, this is a good asset to utilize because making first impressions dressed neatly and presentable is one step to becoming successful. Equally, it would give a manager per se, the interpretation that you are well organized, confident and professional. Luckily, there are certain individuals in my life and people I've seen whom I look up to because they encourage me to spice up my taste everyday and have taught me that trying something new isn't always a bad thing. It also took awhile but I've learned how to overcome my insecurities and wear what I feel like wearing without caring about what other people think. That's something everybody should learn if they haven't already, because it's a good thing for the mind to think that way- it can help build a positive attitude as well. Fairly, style is what makes a person who they are. Put it this way; if mankind never wore clothes to cover up, the world would be such a monotonous place. We obviously wouldn't be the same as we are now, and we would all look alike and nothing special would be there to express who we are as individuals. If you've understood my point, thank you for being thoughtful. If you haven't, read it again. On the other hand, style and expression are intertwined creating a very powerful component to oneself. 


What Keeps Me Going

Inevitably, there are phenomenal designers that I look up to for inspiration and motivation such as Kanye West, Hedi Slimane and Junya Watanabe just to mention a few… But the two people who influence me the most are my parents. My father for one, is the man who taught me how to dress in business casual attire and although I wasn't interested at first, I eventually realized that he was doing me a favor. He introduced to me clothes and footwear that were full of taste and class and I followed through by learning how to dress myself accordingly whilst integrating my own taste within it. Furthermore, my mother motivates me like no other. You can expect lectures regularly, and unexpected life lessons every week. It was through this that she truly taught me; no matter where I am in life, I will always have more room to learn and nothing will ever be done perfectly- she taught me that learning never ends and so I was encouraged to push myself and persevere so that any opportunity that comes my way is mine for the taking and I am able to execute it resulting in utmost success. Designers in all honesty, prove to me that ideas can never be too "bad". Even the wildest amongst designs are deemed some of the greatest pieces of luxury fashion that have ever been seen by the naked eye. They also show me that creativity is key and so is quality. For example, the choice of materials is very critical to how one will perceive a given item. With that being said, finding motivation from what you accomplish yourself is also a great way to stay on track. 


As a Final Point...

I hope this post meant something to you and hopefully I opened pathways within your inner self. To dress well isn't taken seriously by many but subconsciously affects every individual's way of thinking about what to wear next. Trust me, everyone thinks about it. Anyways, to keep this brief, feel free to share and like! Always leave feedback. Thank you for reading and have a great night! 


After reading this, ask yourself- what does the word "style" mean to you? Who are your greatest influences and role models? How do they motivate you to be your best? Feel free to leave a comment in the "comment section" below. 

Published by Antonio Velarde