Failure is a difficult thing to overcome, I have experienced failure uncountable times, it makes you feel like giving up entirely, makes you feel deflated and down. Sometimes it makes you feel like not trying at all. Overcoming this feeling sometimes seems like a giant brick wall infront of you, immovable, it takes resilience and inner strength to pull yourself together and jump the wall.

It takes time, nothing is easy in life. Sometimes its good to feel a little shitty after failing, it gives you time to reflect and look back and consider how you could have done things differently or approached the situation in a new way. This can be down right frustrating and aggravating, but by learning from our failure we can turn it into our success, sounds cliché doesn't it? Sound like a slogan from an old terrible advert people wish they'd forget, but the moral is still true.

Bouncing back is possible, sometimes you can gain real passion and drive from failing, turning that anger into strength and fighting back. Pushing yourself to stay motivated and to keep pursuing what makes you happy. I think sometimes we do get lost in life and forget what we are truly passionate about because of all the hurdles that stand in our way. That is why it is important never to give up, to keep going even when it feels impossible, because it will all be worth it in the end! We can learn some huge lessons about our selves and other skills that will add to our lives.

There are so many failure quotes out there that none of them give me motivation to go 'oh yeah do you know what I'll keep going'. No thanks, most of the time I'll tell that quote to f*** off and wallow in self pity for a few days. Seriously though, stay motivated and keep telling yourself you will make it and you will do what makes you happy, that you will not give up until you've achieved it. If you see a friend or family member striving for something, give them some encouragement as telling ourselves just doesn't quite cut it, but when we are told by someone else it can mean a lot more.

One last cliché; what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt