Are you A critic or a fan?

I definitely think the critics are on a major DC hate train right now, First Batman V Superman and now Suicide Squad! 

If you Follow my Facebook, Twitter and Insta ( SpillsnSerenity) You would probably guess that i'm pretty much obsessed! Harley is totally my spirit animal! Shes the crazy we all wish we could release!

But this isn't about her, this is about the whole Skwad and how they came together be the most bad ass, dysfunctional and insane family we all want a piece of! 

My #1 favorite part of the movie is the fact that it touches base on each of their origin stories! A Major plus for all those new fans who aren't that informed on the DC Universe and are now being introduced to the weird and wonderful. Obviously Harley and Jokers Origin story and evolution of their relationship is something we are all interested in and it gives you a pretty good run down of how they met and what they mean to each other. Another huge plus for me is that it doesn't focus too much on the abusive side of their relationship but more the chemistry and infatuation they have, they are inseparable and un-admittedly in love, The jokers goal here is to get his Harley Back. How sweet right!

Then there is Deadshot, The #1 most wanted Hit man in the world, He's a serial killer who takes credit cards. He develops a soft spot for the family that is thrust upon him and becomes the most loyal friend you can get! 

El-Diablo, The homeboy with a fiery temper, Has a deep dark past that he is desperately trying to hide from, but when he is forced to open up and release his fears to protect his new Family he becomes the brother they never had.

Captain Boomerang, the crazy Aussie thief. hes out for himself but anyone fucks with his friends and he will mess you up!

Killer Croc keeps to the shadows and stands in the Background but he is beautiful.Enchantress is probably the most terrifying which with an agenda and a captured heart. Katana has the soul capturing sword, the quite persona and killer instinct, Slipknot the rope king! and Colonel Rick Flag hes the sensitive hard arse the unites the whole team!

then there is Amanda Waller- she is the bad ass bitch the creates the squad and forces them to become a family.

Each and everyone of them are so different and so opposite but they form the most amazing team, each with their own strengths and weaknesses which the bounce of one another.

This Movie was so amazingly cast, without their on set chemistry i don't think this movie would have done  so well.

The fight a mutual enemy and kick serious ass! I cant really say much more than that without spoiling the whole thing! Its a 5 Star Must see!!

Published by Kristy Paddison