Now that I've written a basic introduction to this fascinating holiday, I feel that I can share my feelings on it. I'll be perfectly honest. I'm not really looking forwards to it. At all. I know- that sounds totally out of character. Usually, I adore holidays. I love the greetings, the feeling of camraderie and together-ness (why can't that always be there? We're just one big family, really!), even all the cooking that I have to do. I love studying the halachos of each yontiff, and all the beautiful customs. I love looking back over the years, at how my observance of the day/week has changed, since I became more and more observant... But no. Not this year.This year... I'm worn out. Run down. I feel tired, I feel like I'm at the end of my tether, and I feel woefully unprepared (okay, let's be honest here- I am). Since this year began, I haven't even had a normal day, let alone a normal week. I know I'm kvetching here, kvetching mindlessly and selfishly, but I don't feel I have the energy for Sukkos. Everything feels much, much harder, and I want to have a chance to get back to normal.

Well, with that out of the way, I think I can wish all my readers, followers, friends and accquaintances an absolutely amazing Sukkos filled with brochos and simchos and wonderful meals and wonderful weather and wonderful trips and wonderful services. Gut yontiff!


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Published by Lily Smythe