So, tonight marks the beginning of Sukkos. Sukkos is one of the three 'pilgrimage' festivals, which commemorate the Israelite's exodus from Mitzrayim (Egypt). While on Peysekh we remember fleeing Egypt, and on Shavuos we remember the giving of the Torah, on Sukkos we remember the booths we dwelled in. How do we do this? By building and living in booths! A Sukkah is a little building, with three sides (usually), from which you can see the stars (so it must be outside!). It must be big enough for you to live in (so to speak), because for the duration of Sukkos, we use the Sukkah to eat, sleep and entertain ourselves in. In many communities, only men will sleep in the Sukkah but it's a mitzvah for women, too.

The sukkah isn't 'just' a booth. It's a sign, a symbol. It represents fragility. It represents the unimportance of the material world. No matter how fancy and beautiful your house is, for one week you'll be living in a little hut.While you're staying in the Sukkah, you're at the mercy of the elements (though you don't have to stay there during a downpour or storm), and no matter how rich or important you are, it won't help. So instead, place your trust in G-d, at least for this upcoming holiday...

How are you celebrating Sukkos this year?


This article appeared on my website, Jewish Thoughts.

Published by Lily Smythe