These are the things I’ve learned and had already known since last year ended. It’s been an eye-opening time all along, and God has shown me things that I never dreamed possible would actually affect me in my lifetime. You might say I’m a first-timer at these. In case you’re curious, you can search for these topics in my blog ( for a more detailed explanation.

  • I am half a century old and physically reaping the ways of my youth.

  • I am experiencing different ways of looking at the world and God’s part in it.

  • The Holy Spirit speaks to me in more potent ways than before, probably because I was then not listening.

  • The lateness of the hour, and the urgency to get the Gospel out to as many as possible.

  • I look for the Lord Jesus Christ Who can come at any time, snatching me away in the twinkling of an eye to meet Him in the air, and my body will be changed into a glorious body like unto His.

  • The Earth is flat, surrounded by ice, topped with a dome, and the sun and moon go around parallel to the earth. Neither is the sun nor the moon a sphere.

  • There are stars but no outer space. Aliens are demons from inner space, not extraterrestrials from outer space.

  • Every rocket or shuttle launch travels up to about 80,000 feet then levels off and ditches into the ocean, and a carefully crafted, identical prop shows up for the news cameras.

  • Mankind has never gone to the moon, let alone walked on it. The “moon landings” were all staged events in movie studios. Both the sun and the moon were created by God to be light sources to the Earth, nothing more.

  • Evolution as taught in the schools is a religious farce, a cruel joke, an outright blasphemous lie from those who hate God and the truth of God’s holy Word.

  • All of the history books are full of brainwashing propaganda instead of proven facts.

  • In 1963-’64, the public schools kicked God, the Bible and prayer out of children’s lives, satisfying the wicked pride of certain parents and plunging our future into spiritual darkness.

  • The public school system has been teaching lies ever since, letting students’ grades slip but allowing them to graduate anyway. Hard work is avoided and shunned. Students are told that they are good even when they are bad, and vice versa. Teachers no longer teach, they indoctrinate.

  • Nonsense like CERN, pandemics, and false flag events like 911 are designed by satanic fearmongers to subdue and submit those who are blind to the Truth of God’s Word and the truth of our own senses.

  • Big Brother-type surveillance cameras are everywhere. We are being carefully watched, with facial and retinal scans becoming more commonplace, especially at the borders of our country. Personal privacy, like our God-given morals, is now a thing of the past.

  • Jobs are being relocated overseas, which is why it’s so difficult to find a job here in the “Untied States.”

  • McDonald’s, Walmart, and other major stores and restaurants are in bed with and working for the elite.

  • The economy is imploding and the stock markets often show signs of plummeting. A cashless society is imminent.

  • There are miles of underground tunnels and cities for the wealthy and powerful of society. They believe they will survive the onslaught of death to 90% of all humankind as inscripted on the Georgia Guidestones.

  • People in general do not work in the Biblical sense, they have a job but take it for granted, or they merely survive on government welfare and are considered by some to be parasites to the failing economy.

  • That many, if not all, of our leaders of this country have been/are Freemasons, even the ones who claim(ed) to be Christians.

  • The superabundance of lies upon lies from the newsmedia, the entertainment industry, and Hollywood. Real truth, worldwise, is outlawed as lies and ignored.

  • There is a handful of powerful elite (Illuminati, the “enlightened ones”) controlling the world and everything in it who are in alliance and directly under Satan, the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air.

  • The in-your-face symbolism, such as the devil-horns, the six-six-six, the one hand covering one eye, the pyramid, etc., of allegiance to Satan from the entertainment industry, the newsmedia, government leaders, world bankers, and powerful heads of royalty.

  • The sharp rise in wickedness and fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

  • I am determined more than ever to be a witness to the lost, to lead folks to Jesus Christ, the only Way to Heaven.

  • I am determined more than ever to promote and live by the 1611 Authorized Version King James Bible.

  • I am determined more than ever to attend and support my home church in every way God gives to me.

  • Other bible versions, though easier to read, lack the spiritual power and authority of the KJB to convict hearts and save souls.

  • World religionism cannot and will not allow true Biblical Christianity.

  • Jesus Christ is blasphemously downplayed as weak and powerless, instead of the Omnipotent King of kings and Lord of lords that the Bible says He is. God is not “the man upstairs,” He is the Creator of all things, and your very life is in His hands.

  • The signs of Antichrist’s impending arrival are part of every broadcast and are swallowed up by weak-minded people (sheeple).

  • The “chip” (the mark of the Beast) is encouraged and thought of as “cool,” and will soon be mandatory.

Want some more? This following was all in a comment I had made in another video:

The mark of the beast will be something implanted in the forehead and right hand of all who worship the Beast. This will not happen until AFTER the saints are raptured out and Antichrist comes to power. We believers WILL NOT BE HERE when Antichrist comes, so we need not fear this mark.

Those who are saved AFTER his arrival (Tribulation Saints) will REFUSE to receive the mark, and will be put to death by beheading.

I’ve heard that Obama is the last and 44th president of the US… 44 is a significant occult number…

I think that America is not mentioned in the Bible because she will be utterly destroyed in the Tribulation, because she has been lukewarm in her faith toward God…

Men did NOT reach outer space, that’s a LIE so it COULD NOT have been predicted in God’s Word…

THOSE IN THE JEWS’ HOMELAND ARE NOT TRUE JEWS, they are Zionists, satanic imposters of the true people of God, the ILLUMINATI planted them there in 1948 I think…

Isaiah 47: 5 the lady of kingdoms is in the fake NKJV…

Space was NEVER conquered… the moon is a LIGHT SOURCE, not a ball in the sky…

The Jews made this nation a “superpower” because of their occult connections with the elites…

The Statue of Liberty is a representation of the goddess Diana in Roman paganism.. it’s in the harbor of New York because the Illuminati love to show their symbols off in front of the ignorant masses… they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years…

Sorceries (Gr., pharmakaios) comes from the word we get for pharmacy.. we are a nation of drug abusers… NOT the basis for monetary extinction…

  • I realize that I may be and am persecuted for my faith.

  • My family needs me more than ever, even though their hearts are hardened to Jesus Christ and His church. My home is my mission field.

  • I am here at WordPress not only to “exercise my blogging muscles,” but to WARN YOU that the time is coming when evil will rule, and you must know Jesus Christ in order to escape the wrath of God Almighty and horrors of the Tribulation.

  • Furthermore, I am here to present Him to you if you so choose to believe in Him. This is the link I always include in my posts.


Published by Denise Diehl