Hey there beautiful people! Today I thought I might share with you my summer bucket list. It's just enough to fill my summer with productive but fun things. Without further ado, let's get into it.

  • Go on a walk and explore a new place: This is especially great it you just moved and you're not that familiar with your surrounding. Go out there and see what your new neighborhood looks like, but make sure you don't get lost!
  • Quit smoking.
  • Go get coffee in the morning with a friend: Because who doesn't love coffee dates? *or just coffee in general
  • Have a photoshoot with your friends.
  • Grab your headphones, some money and go to a coffee shop. Just chill there, work on your website, listen to some music, read articles or inspirational quotes.
  • Walk barefoot in the grass: Find a local garden in your area, take your shoes off and enjoy being barefoot.
  • Have a picnic: You can have one with your boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, family or whoever you want to eat some good food and have a good chat with.
  • Go get icecream with a friend.
  • Have a movie marathon: I usually watch horror movies and I dare you to watch Exeter because of its final plot twist.
  • Cloud watch: I used to have this really good friend and we would regularly lay down somewhere and just watch the clouds and picture what they look like. Was it a rabbit? Or maybe a bird? We'll never know.
  • Go to the pool: This is really important for me, since I don't like being around people when I'm in my bathing suit, but this summer I want to get over that fear and finally go swimming with my boyfriend. I will overcome my fears, and I advise you guys to get out of your comfort zone this summer!

Apart from all of these, I usually keep a year-round list of people I want to see and I make sure to see them all until the end of summer and then start all over again. It is helpful, trust me.

Until next time, chillax.

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Published by Kate Georgescu