I originally wasn't going to do this post, or at least I was going to put it off because I'm a procrastinator, so this is inspired by Daily Post word prompt Clouds. Thanks for kicking me into gear with random words.

Anyways, summer has arrived! frozen-samme-mejias-6

I made it through exams, ignoring the results because...yea tough semester kicked my ass suffice to say. Moving on! This is one of my last summers before going off to university and the next stage of life so I really do want to make the best of it. Officially a grade 12! And it's weirding me out.

In honour of summer coming up I am making a summer 2016 bucket list because obviously I always need to make goals I won't complete, at least not in one summer. I'll still try and hopefully this will keep me busy, away from boredom and full of inspiration. 

The bucket list:

  • Spend a day at Canada's Wonderland
  • Beach and more beach!
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Water balloon fight
  • Go camping
  • Have a squirt gun battle
  • Clean my room...
  • Stick with going to the gym, get in shape
  • Go hiking
  • Have marathon night of whatever show
  • Make gummy bear popsicles
  • Get red in my hair again
  • Complete a 30 day ab challenge
  • Sour worm popsicles
  • Complete this summer reading bingo d5c21b3407fd709cdaf8f3c8c211dd7a
  • Bake anything and everything
  • Have a big group sleepover, maybe in a tent
  • Visit the drive-in
  • Go play mini-golf
  • Pick strawberries
  • Make s'mores
  • Make a shirley temple
  • Bonfire
  • Have a nap on the hammock
  • Stargaze
  • Watch a sunset from the beach
  • Read as many books as possible!

That list actually got decently big voeyv

Let's hope I have a good and fun summer ahead of me with all my friends. Now to go book Emily her appointment to add purple to her hair!

Until next time,


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