Happy summer everyone! Since summer is officially in full swing, I thought I would share some of my top summer beauty tips! This isn’t going to focus so much on makeup, but more on general summer tips to keep you looking and feeling great in the heat! I worked outside as a lifeguard for four summers, and was a swimmer for longer than I can count, so I’m very familiar with ways on how to deal with sunburns and chlorine. Hopefully this is helpful to you!

Wear Sunscreen
I know, I know. Everyone says this, but it’s seriously a must. Short term you’re saving yourself from painful burns, long term you’re helping to prevent wrinkles. If you don’t want to apply sunscreen, find a product that has SPF in it, like a lotion or tinted moisturizer.

Invest in Aloe and Cocoa Butter Lotion
Let’s be real. Sunburns will happen. No matter how careful you are, chances are that one day you’ll go outside and not have on sunscreen, and before you know it you’re a tomato. Aloe will help sooth the burn and help it to heal faster. Cocoa Butter is a deep moisturizer, so it will help prevent peeling. For me, the most effective way to deal with a burn is alternate between applying Cocoa Butter and aloe. Once one has been applied and is all soaked up into the skin, apply the other, and repeat.

Apply Lotion Immediately After a Burn
You know how when you take food out of the oven, it keeps cooking? Your skin is similar. Once you get burnt, your skin will keep burning, even when you’re out of the sun. The best way to stop this is by putting on a lotion immediately. This will help provide immediate relief and also stop the burn from getting worse.

Store Aloe in the Fridge
Trust me on this one.

Take a Shower Before Getting in the Pool
Your hair soaks up water, so if you get in the pool with dry hair, all that chlorine will be soaked up, making your hair feel brittle. But if you shower first, your hair will soak up the clean water, so the chlorine won’t do as much damage.

Get a Shampoo Made for Chlorine
If you’re someone who has light colored hair and you spend a lot of time in the pool, invest in a shampoo designed to remove chlorine from hair, like this one here. Too much chlorine in the hair can cause lighter strands to become discolored, usually adopting a greenish tint. This shampoo is designed to repair the damage done to hair by chlorine, and it’s not too expensive, so it’s definitely a good investment for your hair.

Never Ice a Burn
Putting ice on a burn may provide instant relief, however, it will cause further damage to the skin that will prevent the burn from healing quickly. Cold water is okay, ice water or ice is a big no no.

What are your top summer beauty tips?

Published by Molly Griffin