The summer season, when it’s not unbearably hot, is a great time for family activity. Everyone’s spirits are high, and there’s a big long school break smack dab in the middle. Some families choose to use the summer for holidays, flying to a far-flung part of the world, while other families stay at home and enlist their children in summer camps.

Both these options, while certainly good, are not easy on the wallet. The cost of trekking an entire family to another country, complete with accommodation, food, fun and transport, can be near astronomical. And summer camps are not a whole lot cheaper. What then can a family do during the summer that is both fun and inexpensive? Well, the short answer is: a whole lot.

This article will look at a few ways that families can be active together without spending a fortune. Some of the ideas here involve an upfront cost (like buying a museum membership or trampoline) but they pay for themselves with repeated use. So without further ado, here are a few ways to cut back on spending without cutting back on fun.

At-Home Fun

Who says you need to leave home to have an exciting time? There are plenty of ways your family can bring the excitement home, without ever leaving. Indoors, or in your backyard, here are a few fun ideas:

  • Go camping: Have a family backyard camping trip, complete with a bonfire, picnic, songs and games.
  • Get a trampoline: Shop for trampolines in Australia online, and spend your summer jumping for joy as a family.
  • Make some pizzas: Get everyone involved with dinner by having a make-your-own-pizza night.
  • Have a games night: Whether you opt to play a classic game, or something more contemporary, this quintessential family night is easyon the bank account.
  • Build something as a family: It could be a model car, a real car, a backyard playhouse… big or small, building something is both economical and engaging for the whole family.

Out And About

Getting out of the house without spending a fortune seems a difficult task, but in reality there are a number of family-oriented activities that don’t cost much. Here are a few to consider:

  • Have a beach day: Provided you live near the ocean, pack up the gang and head to beach. Bring your own snacks and drinks to save on cash.
  • Go to the museum: This list of free museums might be of interest to your family. Many museums also have a “children enter free” policy.
  • Go on a nature walk: There is plenty of wildlife to be seen, and plenty of good exercise to be had on a nature walk.
  • Head to a festival: There are often festivals, events and concerts happening all over the country, many of which are free to enter and great for families.

Whether at home our out and about, there is plenty to do with the family this summer that doesn’t involve constantly opening your wallet. Forget the trip abroad – bring the fun to you with these wonderful, inexpensive ideas.

Published by Shubhi Gupta