Hey everyone!

Today i want to share some of my absolute fav hairstyles for summer season. I live in India and here summers are intense, i am talking 45-50ºC. I have long hair down my waist so i always style them in such a way that i don’t die of warmth.

So here are my go-to summer hairstyles:

High Ponytail : These are my go to seriously! High ponytails are suitable for almost all day-to-day scenario be it work or some party or casual day out or even on dates! They never go out of style.


Braids : Braiding your hair comes with endless styles. My three most fav braids are-

  • Braided Braid : It is a simple simple but looks like you put lot more time and effort into it than you actually it and looks interesting. Learn how to make a braided braid- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3FC5A3pxMc


  • Fishtail braid : Easy to do and looks fun. With fishtail braid, the possibilities are endless, keep it side or braid your crown in fistail fashion or make a crown fishtail braid, as u like it!


  •  French braid : A basic 3-strand french braid is very easy and gives a clean look. To spice things up a bit, i like to french braid in fishtail fashion.


Updos : Messy buns, top knots, just name it! These are my absolute go to. See how to make a messy bun- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdeoGBU7i04


Thanks for reading!:)

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