I've been really into waking up earlier these last few days because the weather in the morning is just perfect! And, it also allows me to wear something different than a dress and to add some layers and jackets to my outfit! One can say I am an early bird which is so far from the truth..Anyway! Let's jump into the outfit ~
This black skirt has practically saved my life so many times. Whenever I wanted a whole black outfit without having to wear a dress it was the perfect choice. The important thing is to mix the patterns and textures so that it won't look like a one piece. Sadly the sun didn't help my pictures when it comes to my top which is in fact really sparkly, which makes it stand out from the skirt. To finish the look I added this cute dark green blazer which I just love, mostly because of the buttons and its' lenght. My favourite black choker with a cute bag with silver details, simple sandals and I'm ready!

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 
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