Living in Las Vegas means scorching hot weather, drinking a lot of water, and very cool air conditioned rooms and buildings. As I write this post, it is currently 107 degrees at 1:16pm. The high for today should reach up to 111 degrees. I am currently layered up in a maxi dress and my favorite Tigger hoodie. Why? You ask? 

Because I am inside my "office" and the air is on full blast and I'm quite honestly freezing! 

So why aren't you just wearing pants then, Shai? Well, I definitely could! I'll probably put some on later to be honest. For right now, I'm comfortable in my maxi dress and I can easily take the hoodie off without changing the entire style of my outfit, if I need to go outside in the scorching heat!

Now, is my current outfit the most stylish get-up? No. Not one bit. My dress is different shades of pink and my hoodie is black with TIGGER written on it. Not stylish at all, but since I work from my grandparents house, I'm not required to dress up...or match, for this matter. 

If you don't work from home and are required to dress work-appropriate, like most people are, then I have some AWESOME tips and styles for you to rock at the office!

First and foremost, I always wear sleeveless or cami tops. If you are allowed to wear this, PLEASE take advantage of it for the summer months! Wearing sleeveless tops (especially camis) are SO easy to dress up or down, glam it up or wear it casual. There are so many options. If you are not allowed to wear the above tops, go for a loose fitting, light material like linen or cotton in a nice blouse or button up. Wear your cami under that. Bring a light jacket, sweater, or cardigan (this goes for the fellas too!) to put on for extra warmth if you need it! 

My favorite office look? A light loose fitting blouse, body-shape flattering jeans (or leggings!) and flats! For the layering, I have a grey sweater that has holes all throughout it, so it brings me warmth without overheating me! Need to dress up or required to wear heels? I have a look for that too!


Also ladies, when wearing heels, please please make sure you have your Dr. Scholls and that your heels are COMFORTABLE. You do NOT want to be walking around in heels that you can't really walk around in... 

Even if you are sitting, make sure your heels are ones you can keep on all day. We do love our heels, but they hurt out feet and taking your heels off at work, even if you're behind a desk and no one can see, that's germy for you and for others! 

Of course, if you're allowed to wear dresses and skirts, also take advantage of those! Even more loose fitting and appropriate for work in the cold office and errands in the hot sun! They can easily be layered with a cute demin jacket, a cardigan, or a scarf!


Yes, this post is also for you! First off let me say that I love styling. I am by no means a professional stylist nor do I claim to have the knowledge and experience a profession has but I LOVE styling. I think what I love most about styling men is that they don't need as much! Especially when it comes to layering! Jeans (or slacks, whichever your job allows/requires) can be paired with a nice shirt of almost any kind, put a tank top under said shirt and you're (most of the time) good to! 

My favorite way of layering (if I were a man) would be sweaters and scarves. Both are light but the fabric is good enough to give warmth! Men don't tend to carry purses around like women do so they need layers that they don't really have to worry about getting in the way of things! A sweater can easily be removed and draped over the forearm or shoulder if men get too hot while working, and a scarf can easily be sat on the desk without taking up a lot of space!

My brother let me use him in the hot sun to show my go-to styles for men while working summer months in the office!

The first picture, I dressed him in a light button up dress shirt, some jeans and a black tank top underneath for easy conversion from hot to cold, the scarf if added warmth!


For the second look, I dressed him in a thicker plaid button up, some light shorts, and gave him a matching blue tank top underneath, which you'll see is perfect if he wanted to go to a cookout/pool party after work!


For the sweater, it can be layered over almost any light shirt for style, comfort, and warmth. 




Please wear socks!!! Especially in the summer! I know this sounds completely backwards but socks adds a layer of protection to your feet. Plus for me personally, if my feet are warm and toasty, 98% of the time the rest of my body is also. Vice versa for when my feet are cold! Socks also absorb some of the sweat which means your feet are less likely to stink when you get off!

-Wear comfy under garments. Men and Women. Having your unmentionables uncomfortable while you're trying to work is a big problem. Even working from my grandparents house, I sometime wear "cute" undies, wanting to feel special and then later on in the day, I'm taking them off for some comfy cotton briefs or boy shorts. Ladies, I highly suggest Fruit of the Loom undies. You can get them from Wal-Mart or Target for around $9 and they are stretchable, have a cool light fabric, holds you in, and are cotton (even though you can get other types of fabric in these undies too!) I buy these quite religiously, especially because they are so affordable! For Men, I suggest two brands. Tommy John and Fruit of the Loom. Now, considering I don't buy men's underwear I can't give a "I totally love these undies and they feel great!" review, but what I can say is that if I were a guy and I wanted premium fabric and features for my twins and little giant, for the best price, I'd go with Tommy John's underwear.Tommy John underwear was created by the CEO of the company. He was tired of travelling in professional clothing, looking suave and sophisticated, while his undies gave him uncomfortable issues. So he worked hard to find and create layers of comfy fabric of premium quality to keep himself and others like him comfortable underneath the professional look. They will run you about $30 per pair but they give you a promise, "If you don't love your 1st pair, it's on us." That alone would make me take the plunge and buy a pair, I mean, why not? You wouldn't be wasting your money if you don't like them. 

Try your best to always have a water bottle (BPA free) that is at least 1 liter! Drinking water or liquids in general is SO important in the cold air or burning heat! Drink your water!

Make sure you have an awesome planner or notebook that you can bring with you to write down important ideas, changes, schedules, notes, plans, ect.! I use the Passion Planner (which is very uni-sex and pretty darn awesome. It comes with faux leather cover on front and back, goal setting and check-up sections, and full weekly layout for you to easily plan and see what's due and when! The black is very sleek and classic!


You probably aren't needed to be reminded of this but bring your sunglasses! Protection and style for your eyes! 

Keep gum on you. Best to keep normal flavors like Cinammon or Peppermint on you. Helps with curving your appetite, and keeping your mouth hydrated and fresh!

Have a fresh and light lunch. Fruits are always a great choice and healthy for you. Salads are good too if you love them as much as I do (I could literally live off of salads alone!). Bringing your own salad? Check out this post to see how to prep a salad for later use!


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Have fun layering and always wear what you feel most comfortable in! 


Published by Brie Watson