White dress, black sandals and some cool sunglasses! And of course - bronze tan. You cannot be pale on Summer, it's the rule number 1. 

When it's Summer the best way not to get overheated is to wear white/ not to wear black (at least not at daytime). We can't be more than 12 hours without black clothes, duh. Also, you have to drink a lot of fluids, don't mess with your health. 

Do you know what's even better than white dress on Summer? Well, it's white laced dress! There is something between white and lace that makes the outfit perfect for Summer. This dress is all about the details. I love this design of the laced part also as the transparent lace on both sides and slightly opened backs. 

My hair has actually grown and I'm not sure if I still like it. I am considering three options at the moment. First - grey ombre, which I'm obsessed with. Second is to dye my hair in my natural color. I guess I miss looking at the mirror and seeing my rich brown hair. And third option is obviously to calm down and let my hair grow, just to stop doing her harm. 

Dress: H&M

Sandals: https://www.officeshoes.rs/cipele-blink-sandale-sandala/7033

Nails: https://www.instagram.com/c_nails_1/

Photography: https://www.instagram.com/mladi_fotograf_/

Published by Borka Šaula