The feet are the first to notice the heat because they swell and cry out for more light footwear. The sandals are the stars of summer: with medium heels,plush, in total black ... there is something for everyone. But if in addition to the fingers you want to elevate comfort to infinity, nothing like a sandals shovel style to enjoy the good weather. It's like wearing flip-flops in the pool, but more stylish. You sign up? We have already done it with these dream designs.

Trends in footwear for summer

Following are the summer shoes trends these days that are very popular and are adopted by nearly all the people;

1. Print. Spring-summer, season of flowers, colors, light, that's why it's the perfect excuse to fill your shoes with prints. Combine them with a basic look and they will give you the perfect touch.

2. Flip-flops. From the pool to the street! this footwear that until now would not have occurred to you to take to the street has become the whim of all fashionista. Looks relaxed as linen pants and oversize shirts will be a good choice to take your flip-flops to the street.

3. 90s salons. The fine heel and sharp-toe lounge shoes return to the front line. Of course, they are not the most comfortable, but they are the most elegant. Lengthen your legs with 90s inspiration heels.

4. Mules. Another challenge to our feet are these undercut shoes, but with high and thin heels. A casual outfit will be perfect to give your look a roll and detract formality from the shoes.

5. Withloop. Satin strips emulating a ballet dancer, leather for a rock soul or string for the most bohochic. No matter what your style is, you just have to hug your ankle shoes to wear one of the latest trends on your feet.

6. Crossed sandals. Crossed in the instep and with a square heel, this will be the quintessential retro shoe of the season, as well as your ally for summer nights.

7. Heel and platform. Another of the companions of the summer parties is the sandals of wide heel and platform. Take advantage of the fact that comfort is fashionable and get some sandals that have height, style and, above all, comfort. Do not stop the pain in your feet!

8. Sneakers. But if we talk about comfort the queens of this style are the sneakers. The shoes of a lifetime can be combined with jeans and a top, as well as a flowing dress. Everything goes when we talk about the queens of comfort.

9. Tacks. They can go in any sandal, ankle, undercut, buttoned ... it does not matter what style you choose, you just have to add the tacks to your spies to give them a trendy touch.

10. Hair. Yes also in the footwear! The velvet fabrics are worn and the hair is transferred to the feet to decorate edges and heels.

Published by Mary Charli