Summer is my favourite season; I love the light nights and how the sun  manages to put everyone in a good mood. During the summer months, I also spend a lot more time looking after my skin; making sure it is protected from the sun and doesn’t get dehydrated. At the moment there are 3 products that I am absolutely loving. 

I use the pre cleanse to take my makeup off so that my skin is ready to cleanse, I mean the name ‘pre cleanse’ does kind of give it away. The product, from Ark Skincare, is an oil which you apply to dry skin and it breaks down all of your makeup, including mascara (hooray!) I love using this product because it is so gentle on the skin and I always feel that my makeup has gone and that my face is clean and ready to be cleansed. 

This brings me nicely onto my next love, the NU Skin cleanser. This cleanser is perfect for summer because it is light and gentle and great for everyday use and when paired with the pre cleanse, leaves me skin feeling so beautiful and clean.

In the summer I use spf and sun cream on my face quite a bit (nothing worse than a burnt, red nose right) and these can be quite thick and leave me skin and pored feeling quite clogged so every now and again I like to use a face mask. The one that I always seem to go for is the Marine Mud Mask from Epoch. This stuff is amazing, it dries really quickly and washes off in no time. I love how I can feel that my skin has had a nice deep clean.  

Published by Hannah Moggridge