Crazy parties, adventure activities and wild memories are all that you can use to define a stag do! Period.

You might not remember much the next morning, but forgetting a thing or two to pack can be frustrating.

As the best man, you not only need to plan the stag do, but also make sure all your lads pack right. Be it a Riga stag do or Amsterdam stag do; you have to make a detailed list of essentials to pack.

Summer stag dos are way different from winter stag dos because the entire list of essential items changes. You can choose amazing stag do destinations from as per the plan to make sure you have an unforgettable summer weekend.

Read on to know the right summer stag do essentials:

  • Clothes

Summer is a vibrant time of the year. This should project from your clothes, i.e. you need to pack vibrant coloured t-shirts, shorts and vests. People mostly select beach destinations for summer stag weekends, so your clothes need to be destination specific too. A formal cotton pant will not look good on a beach, right? No matter how vibrant it looks. If it is a beach destination, then pack more shorts and t-shirts than trousers and shirts. The air is quite casual; so should your dress code be. If your destination is somewhat like Amsterdam, then pack more of party clothes, i.e. solid, dark colours than vibrant casual clothes. You will also need swimwear for pools, beaches and watersports. You might need some special gear for a particular activity, so don’t forget to pack that too. Cotton is the most preferred material for summer clothes.

  • Accessories

Accessories include everything; from wristbands and watches to caps and studs. Do you know how to differentiate between summer and winter stag do accessories? Just think hard! Would you need a cotton cap for a stag do in the mountains or a woollen scarf for a beach stag do? The answer is simple, ain’t it? Summer accessories are cotton caps, hats, sunglasses, vibrant-coloured wristbands and many more. The accessories need to match your cool, casual look. So pack accordingly!

  • Medical kit

You must be wondering what will change in the medical kit, right? Would you need a rehydration pack in winters? Not really! Is it important to keep sunburn creams in winters? Not really! Do you need medicines for cold or anything? Not really! Apart from the hangover kit, bandages and a few pain relievers, you don’t really need much in your medical kit.

  • Cosmetics

Winter creams are totally different from summer creams. Summer stag weekend trips require sunscreen lotions, moisturisers, lip balms and many more. You don’t have to protect yourself from the harsh winds, but the harmful rays of the Sun. Sunbathing may be at the top of your leisure list, so the protectors should be by your side too.

  • Other items

Moreover, some survival items like a survival knife, torch and compass need to be added to the kit, especially if your stag do destination is a camping site or something. In any case, it is beneficial to have a small survival pouch in your bag to make sure you are prepared for every situation.

A stag weekend can be as tiring as it can be adventurous, so be prepared for that as well. It is expected from y’all to go for adventure activities on a summer stag do, which means that you might be completely drained out for night scenes.

Expert tip: Don’t forget your wallet, documents, camera, mobile phone, chargers and memory chips.

Plan it well! Pack right! Enjoy and have fun on your summer stag do!


Happy travels to you and your mates!


Published by Sarah Williams