So its the first of June! The weather is already crazy and I swear boiling from the end of may especially where I live, I haven't ever been a huge fan of summer, I don't like bees and wasps or bugs in general, I hate the heat and I definitely hate putting a light cover of make up on and its sweats away after 5 minutes of walking outside! 
However that said, I have decided to make a little playlist of music to carry my mood through this summer and share it with you all to see how you feel about it, and hopefully keep my smiles and yours on with the next few months of the summer ahead, you will be able to find the playlist on Spotify and public, and feel free to share music with me on Twitter so I can add some good recommendations alongside my own with you. 
For you to actually reach the Spotify list here:
So here is my summer tunes I recommend this year:  https://play.spotify.com/user/1127321122/playlist/1Xv4rUEu5L6MNSRziWl0T5?play=true&utm_source=open.spotify.com&utm_medium=open
1) Kygo & Selena Gomez - it aint me.
Can we all just appreciate the groovy dance tune to this song, although I am not a massive fan of Selena and I don't dislike her, I do however have stumbled across this tune from a youtubers video and I haven't been unable to resist the tune! Its catchy and I seem to dance in my chair or anywhere no matter what I'm doing when listening to this! So this is the start to me liking summer maybe?
2) Hobbie Stuart - Summer In The City 
It wouldn't be a playlist of my fav music even if its for the summer without Hobbie Stuart in there somewhere, I loved his EP he released last year, even though this song is not new, it still deserves a spot in my life this summer, I love the meaning, the music, the lyrics, Hobbie's voice and much more, his whole EP is going to be one of my most beloved items I own. 
3) Paramore - Hard Times.
Well Paramore definitely have had a different spin to there music lately, I recently discovered this tune on the charts of my Spotify and gave it a listen, thinking it was some heavy rock tune I was soon mistaken, Hayley's voice is incredible when I listen to any of Paramore's music but I have to say this song again makes me want to dance and sing along and keep me focused. Great tune and great to hear something different from Paramore in general.
4) Zedd & Alessia Care - Stay
I was brave to listen to this tune, and I still have it in my mind as I write this blog post to recommend! I love the catchy vibe, I also really love the lyrics and how it makes me feel when I am travelling on a bus in general, I just get that good feeling. 
For more of what I have on this playlist please go and visit it on the link here!
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Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Be back soon!
Viccie xoxox 

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