83197320_origWhile looking for pictures for the I Am Beautiful Challenge on my ShyBossLee site, I stumbled across some blog post from this summer and oh man! I was an angry little bitch, lol It’s scary to look back at myself, now that I’m no longer in that dark place, and see how hateful I was, still kind of am. My ex told me the other day that I was fake and the sweet loving person I was before was all a front, smh no little boy. There’s only so many fck you’s someone can take before they get on some Fck you too,  type sht, right?

This summer was the roughest summer EVER! Drake lied to me, had me looking forward to Summer 2016. Last time I support any of his yellow ass music, he should have died in Degrassi. That’s messed up, it’s not him I’m mad at. I moved back up here from Florida in late February and was miserable, damn near died from boredom. The plan was to come back up here, stay with my mom, regroup and get myself back together and healthy before going back out on my own. One thing I hate about myself is I can’t just sit around and do nothing all day, now most people would say to go and get a job. Yea, I’m not an employee, hints the name, ShylahBOSS! I don’t like taking orders, well not so much that, I don’t believe in busting my ass to not make anything. My mom says that mindset is going to fuck me up, not really.

Okay, let’s look at it like this. Let’s say Bob has a job minimum wage job and he makes $7.25 an hour. Mary has a job paying a little better, she earns $10.00 an hour. They both work 40 hours a week, Bob made $290 and Mary made $400, now I work 40 hours and will make $10,000.

Spending the summer back here in Virginia Beach taught me money is the root of all evil. I saw the ugliest sides of the nicest people I grew up with and even the greediest and selfishness in the those claiming to love me. No you loved what I could do, you loved what I provided and you loved what I brought to the table. Get your own hustle, it’s plenty of money out there.  

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