As a young woman, I watched my mother plant sunflowers around a circle flower bed in our front yard. One year, they grew so tall, they eventually collapse on their own weight. Years later I learned of Native stories around the sunflower and was delighted to have had this flower show up in my own paths in life. Ever since, I've kept the sunflower as a flora totem and periodically come back to it for renewal inner-standing of our own inner "solar" or Soul energy.

Path of the Sun God

During their maturing phase, a young sunflower will  face the rising sun and follow its path throughout the day. As a mature flower, it will face one direction. Esoterically we can see moving in harmony with its continual source of light energy as a youth allows from the absorption of full spectrum solar information.  Simply put, as a youth, the information we receive from our Source (parents) shapes the direction we face (or head) as adults. 

Belonging to the genus Helianthus annuus  L (a reference to Helios, the sun god) sunflowers, generally grows in scrub land and dry areas.  These sun worshipping flowers, are native to the Americas and will generally bloom from July through September.  They need full sun. The sunflower is recognized as a floral messenger for solar divinity worldwide. Recognized for its beauty, the sunflower also has many other practical and magical uses.


Common Uses

  • oil
  • meal
  • industrial
  • non oilseed
  • forage

Of course, In my work, we at most concern with our sacred uses and value of this flower.  Universally used for rituals, there's an array of possibilities for sunflower. When you consider this flower as one of many representatives of divine light, it will open many doorways to you.  Almost limitless possibilities exist for the sunflower for its family and expressions (colors) are expansive.

Because these grow best in full sun, we can immediately see the benefits of sunflowers as a  full light spectrum (or rays of light) energetic tool. To understand what this means, I encourage you to study light spectrum and how they impact us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Every part of this flower from its roots to its rays are made to absorb and transform our full spectrum of light coming from our living Sun. When we understand how each part plays a role, the entire flower can bring numerous spiritual benefits and lessons to us all.

I personally use the roots, stem, leaves and pedals in Sun ceremonies for a variety of things. From making healing floral sachets to offerings. I also drink its elixirs made from the rays (pedals), to eating its seeds and massaging with its oil during times of fatigue. When combined with other floral remedies, this flower can amplify any work we are doing - year round.

Diving Deeper

Contemplate that this flower is considered a weed by some farmers. This says a lot about our society. Those whose full spectrum source or divine lights shine the most are not as honored in a superficially enhanced and denatured world.  Overlords in those societies, see them as pests that grow and sometimes thrive at the most inopportune times. 

Sunflower people will often get in the way of those who shine less light.

1000 God and Goddesses

The flower head is also made of multiple flowers or rays each pedal is a ray of light. The flower head represents 1000 gods (or rays of light) or 1000 goddesses in flora formations.  In our practical world, 1000 names of feminine or masculine gods symbolize our ability to express the full spectrum of divine light from within. The sunflower reminds us that do this by following our divine and live giving light - our Soul.

In Hindu traditions, which is familial and broad in nature,  there are a thousand names for many feminine Gods such as 1000 Names of Goddess Lakshmi, 1000 Names of Goddess Gayatri. Let's not forget the 1000 names for all the masculine Gods as well.  Here we can rediscover the infinite aspects of our Soul. Take it in deeper and recognize the  infinite aspect of our Creator god.


Beauty and Bounty

 Similar to the lotus, the beauty of the flower makes us overlook the "adverse" conditions from which it can thrive sometimes. This flower, like our lotus flower, is ever giving. Every aspect of it can be used by man.  On a side note my fun "hippie" name for myself a few years back was sunflower blooming, it truly expresses my spiritual maturing experiences and also my ability to bloom as long as I focus on my Source.  I sense many of you reading this article can relate. We are bountiful and beautiful when we focus on our Creator. The sunflower reminds us to focus on our full spectrum of divine light (by whatever name you choose) and learn to ignore distractions.

Purification and Focus

I mentioned early that all parts of this flower is used by man. In some places, our sunflowers are used to extract toxic chemical from the soil. You can use this for your own healing as well. The roots and stalk can support you in spiritual baths for purification and detoxing. I recommend you research this on your own or contact me for personal consultation. Always be sure you source stalks, edible flowers and seeds from a reputable source. The impact our environment has on us, reminds us that the soil we grow is vital to the benefits produced.

This flower is single mindedly focus on its source of creation and information which makes it a hardy, hard to kill, powerful adversary in spiritual warfare. Yes, its a weed, but one that morphs and growths no matter what you throw at it.  I forgot to mention, one spring, I grew tired of my chores, so we (which met me at that time) didn't plant any flowers at all.   I forgot to weed, or water our circle flower bed and neglected it altogether.  It looked like a small path of wild flowers from moons ago that decided to express themselves regardless of my commitment. Somehow three new sunflowers, possibly dormant seeds from years back, managed to grow and bloom fully. I smile inside every time I remember that summer.  Even my neglect didn't stop these sunflowers from blooming. This reminds that even if we forget to nurture and love ourselves, there's a divine spark within that will support us during our times of despair, confusion, or distractions.

Thank you for reading my article!

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Published by Irmina Tutu