It's Summertime! Yes, it's been summer for a few weeks now, but as the days pass the hot days become HOTTER (Middle East & specifically GCC areas) which means sunscreen and taking a break from the sun, going indoors or finding shade.

Speaking of shade, SHADES! While you are outdoors "soaking up the sun" or just taking a walk, don't forget your Sunglasses! Protecting your eyes from the Ultraviolet rays is a MUST, for you and your kids! Plus, you don't want to squint and get early wrinkles! See what sunglasses protect you from. :)

Quick Etiquette tip: (or a gentle request take it however you may)

Under whatever circumstances, do not wear your sunglasses indoors, and especially, specifically, that one out of all, do not wear your sunglasses on the airplane. Last time I heard, Fluorescent light bulbs do not emit high levels of UV, in other words it is not the Sun.

Let's get ourselves some sunglasses!

I was putting together a guide for you to choose your most suitable sunglasses and to be honest Sunglasswarehouse has done a fantastic job on "How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for your Face Shape". 

Here we go, the guide is easy and straightforward, and it will make your search easier!

Step 1 (below): Outline Your Face (I used concealer :D )

Sunglasses Guide- Outline

Step 2 (Above): Find and know your face shape (that also helps your contouring process and for future haircuts ladies)

Step 3 (Below) : Find Your Style

Sunglasses Guide- find your style

Oh and one last thing I would add is, when trying on sunglasses at the store, lift your hair up, away from your face, that would help you get a better perspective in terms of style and suitability.

You should also take Color into consideration, depending on your skin tones and undertones (a blog article will be ready for you very soon!).

Voila, It is that easy!

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Thank You!

Published by Marwa Patz