A while ago, I was looking at a picture of sunset in Israel. At least, I thought I was, then I realised that I was actually looking at a picture of sunrise. The more I thought about this revelation, the more important it seemed.

My sunrise and sunset mix-up actually serves as a metaphor for various stages and opportunities in our lives. We might think that the sun is setting on- for example- the best part of our life, but in fact we're about to enter our prime. Similarly, we might think that our life is gradually worsening, and opportunities are slipping away, but in reality, though we are still "in the dark", things are getting brighter.

We should always remember the Rebbe's quote about our impact on the world. "Man was made to make the world a purer, brighter and holier place than when he came on the scene"...

Published by Lily Smythe