The fact that SkyBet’s weekly Super 6 game is free to play is already enough to tempt fans into having a go but add in the potential £1 million cash prize on offer, and it would be silly to not get involved. That being said, all too many football fans miss out on playing Soccer Saturday Super 6, and it’s definitely a missed opportunity as you don’t even need to wager a single penny in order to take part.

Popular bookmakers are growing the number of free-to-play games on their websites and apps, but it’s Super 6 which reigns supreme ahead of all other options. Trying out Sky Super 6 for yourself doesn’t take all that much effort either, with it being easily accessible on the SkyBet mobile app and website, and the next gameweek being available several days prior to entries closing.

What is Super 6?

Simply put, Super 6 is a predictions game where you need to correctly guess the final score in six chosen football matches. SkyBet will provide six games every week and players will have to guess the resulting scoreline in all six games to win. This sounds quite simple but it’s a very difficult thing to do, as one goal can be make or break for winning the cash prize.

In circumstances where more than one person guesses all scorelines correctly, there’s a tie-breaker in the form of a Golden Goal prediction, where you need to select the minute of the first goal to be scored in one of the matches. If no winner is chosen and nobody is able to predict all resulting scorelines, a £5,000 prize will be given to the person who came the closest.

Recommended Super 6 Tips

There are barely any places which offer their own Super 6 tips and predictions but there are a select few football websites who will help out those who aren’t as experienced in taking part. It can be massively useful to see somewhere that will present their own selections for the current gameweek, like FootyAccumulators, who do this on their very own Super 6 Tips page. It’s difficult to provide guidelines over how to improve your chances of winning at Soccer Saturday Super 6 but the best thing you can do is look at past matches to anticipate what could happen in the next gameweek. 

If a side are known for scoring in high numbers and they’re playing a side who tend to concede often and hardly score, it would make sense to back the first team to beat the other by a high scoreline.  If both can score and they’re both in good form, a high-scoring draw would make the most sense in your Super 6 predictions. It will always depend on the teams playing, the availability of key players, and previous results between the two.

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