This years half-time show seemed more about dividing the country than anything else. First let's look at Beyonce's black power salute that was part of the half-time show.

This kind of statement does not belong being performed during the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl should not be used to push your racially charged vendeta upon the masses. The super bowl is about fun, sportsmanship, and pride for your favorite team. 

Secondly, there are many officers of the law that like to watch football, and this is disrespectful to them. It is okay to have your own opinion, and express it: that is what this country is about. However, do it on your own time, and your own dime not in a public forum that is supposed to be about fun, and comradery!

Thirdly, let's address the rest of the half-time show that was put on by various stars including, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce. Again this part of the half-time seemed to be about pushing one's view-points onto the masses. Since when does footbal, the most masculine sport next to boxing, have anything to do with gay pride?

The answer is when the media is trying to push something down our throats!!!!! With all the rainbow colored flowers walking around on the field, and the rainbow colored signs being held up by the audience forming a gay pride flag spelling out the words "Believe In Love." Again it's okay to have your own opinion on a subject, and it's okay to live your own lifestyle, but don't push your points of view onto other people by voicing said opinion on the largest stage known to man during an event that is supposed to be about bringing people together not tearing them apart! 

So thanks for that Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce! Thanks for dividing the country once again over something so trite!  

Published by Robert Stone