The 2019 Super Bowl is slated to take place on the 3rd of February at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, and no one cares.

Some people will squeal at the idea of men in spandex fighting over a ball over the course of several hours but an even bigger number is even more invested in the performance Maroon 5 will bring to the halftime show.

That, of course, assumes that Maroon 5 will perform on the 3rd of February.

The NFL has spent a good chunk of the 2010s mired in controversy. The latest storm to hammer the franchise took the form of Colin Kaepernick, an NFL athlete whose decision to kneel rather than stand for the National Anthem sparked a nationwide conversation about the relevance of politics in sports.

Today, Maroon 5 wishes that controversy had died a terrible death months earlier because everyone and their mother is determined to see them pull out of the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show.

Foreign fans of American Football might find the notion of a heavy discussion about the Super Bowl halftime show inane. After all, the NFL is the center of American Football, and the only thing that matters are the teams that will clash in the field on that fated day, right?

Well, that couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, once upon a time, the actual sport of it all ruled the Super Bowl.

But then the commercials and the halftime show gained prominence, and now all anyone cares about is the celebrities whose legends will be made on the 3rd of February.

Maroon 5 has been circling the Super Bowl halftime show for a while now. In fact, Adam Levine, the band’s lead singer, stated emphatically in 2015 that nothing would make them happier than to perform at the Super Bowl.

For years, they littered the shortlists but always lost out to other performers. And that same tragedy was set to repeat in 2019.

Yes, Maroon 5 was eventually announced as Super Bowl 2019’s big act but they were hardly the NFL’s first choice.

That honor went to Rihanna. The franchise courted the superstar vigorously but she ultimately turned them down.

The NFL recently instituted penalties that would be meted out against any athlete who followed in Colin Kaepernick’s footsteps and chose to kneel during the National Anthem at games.

Many a celebrity took umbrage with this stance, and while Rihanna wasn’t the first starlet to make her disdain for the NFL’s response known, her refusal to perform at the halftime show in 2019 definitely hurt the most.

And the moment Maroon 5’s announcement came through, Twitter exploded with pleas requesting the band to follow in Rihanna’s footsteps.

The fact that Levine has sought to perform at the Super Bowl for so many years suggests that he is unlikely to pass up this opportunity regardless of the furor raised by his fans.

That being said, more questions have been raised about the performers that will accompany him in February.

Many a voice initially made mention of Cardi B but she put the rumor to rest by revealing that not only had the NFL not reached out to her but even if they had, she was determined to take the Rihanna route and stand by Colin Kaepernick.

But does that mean that Levine and his crew will take the stage in February all by themselves? Well, if Cardi B is hellbent on standing against the NFL, they could just as easily turn to Big Boi or even Outcast.

Bruno Mars was one of many dissenters who thought that the halftime show should have been handed to a local Atlanta talent. Big Boi meets that criteria and Outkast is always a blast.

There was some traction behind the inclusion of Travis Scott in Maroon 5’s act but even that development was met with some resistance, primarily because Scott’s fans hoped that he would o the right thing’ and bow out of the performance.

Regardless of what happens on the field in February, one thing remains true: the halftime show is becoming a far bigger headache than the NFL anticipated.


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