All good things must come to an end and for the 2016 NFL season we are at that point, but what better way to do things than going out with a bang as two of the best offences in the league go head to head to see who will be crowned this year’s champions, it should be a doozy.

This game is set up beautifully to be an all-time classic (which almost certainly means it will end up sucking), two offences who can both move the ball and two defences who can on their day be outstanding.  I would edge my choice to the Falcons due to them being light hot, the Packers showed how difficult it is to stop a team who can score on every play with so many different players who can hurt you.  The Falcons may not have the best defence but they can be dangerous, they create turnovers and can get pressure from their defensive line, two things which the Patriots struggle against (see the Texans). 

Yet despite all of that you can never rule out Brady, Belichick and the Patriots.  You know that the Patriots will try and take away Julio Jones (which will be difficult), their offence will find gaps in the Falcons defence and Brady will make plays.  The question the Pats must answer is whether they’ll be able to stop the rest of the Falcons doing damage, they did exactly that against the Steelers and their multi headed threat (they did get fortunate with the Bell injury), we’ll see if they can do it against the Falcons.  If this were any other team but the Patriots I would be guaranteeing a Falcons win, however you just can’t rule out Bill Belichick.


Now onto the actual betting tips

Falcons to win 13/10

An offensive juggernaut who can turn the ball over and get pressure from their defensive line, if they were playing anyone but the Patriots they would be heavy favourites. 


Points over 58 10/11

Two teams who like to score points in what is likely to be a bit of a shootout.  I struggle to see the Falcons scoring less than 30.


Devonta Freeman MVP 22/1

This one is a bit more out there, but if the Patriots do take Julio away then expect Freeman to play a massive role in the game in both the running and passing game.


Mohamed Sanu first TD 16/1

It is likely that the Falcons will come out hot and I don’t see the Pats allowing them to go to Julio in the red zone, something which will give Sanu extra space.


Here’s a selection of throwaway bets which you can have a cheeky punt on:

First punt over 45.5 8/11

Dwight Freeney to record a sack 4/1

Atlanta to convert a 4th down 1/1

Total sacks over 3.5 4/6

2 pt. conversion attempt 1/1


So, there you have it my tips for the Super Bowl.  Personally, I hope that the Patriots lose because they are my least favourite team in the league.  Generally, I would hope for a good game but…yeah…I really don’t want the Patriots to win…Plus I think it is nice to see teams who have never won the Super Bowl actually win it. 

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Published by Mott Davidson