"Take on empowering beliefs"

Like just about every quotation I know off the top of my head (of which there are probably 3) I have no idea where I got this one from but I quite liked it so I'll dissect it now so I can fill my weekly quota of posts and hopefully grab a shower because I'm currently sitting in a pool of sweat (my own thank god).

I had a quick little thought to myself today. "Why do all this reading if you're going to forget it all?" and it's a pretty damn good question. I read a fair bit, trying to get through at least a book a week but honestly I don't remember much from anything I've ever read, I can spout off some random facts but not really anything concrete. I read a textbook once in preparation for a work placement and all I remember from it is that the RNA base uracil is chemically similar to Cytosine which is why it's not in DNA. Literally useless. I had this thought before once, I stopped reading entirely for a few months and being honest they were some of the worst weeks of my life. I realised "so what if I didn't seem to glean anything off reading this, mindlessly wasting my time reading a beneficial book is way better for me than spending it watching TV or just procrastinating" If I took on the belief that there is no point of me reading I would stop and lose the habit. I don't care that it's probably true that I don't learn much from reading but currently it's the best I can do so I stick with the belief that it somehow helps me in some esoteric way where it manifests in my behaviour. 

I hesitate to bring up the next paragraph because when I signed up to do this I was told I could talk about anything: babies getting kicked down stairs, why Bush did 9/11 etc, so long as I didn't say anything racist. Well I'm about to say something about coloured people so I pray to god it doesn't get me kicked off this site because I like posting on a site whose domain doesn't end in ".wordpress.com" Actually I've gone off the topic, it wasn't really very good and frankly I was trying to be sensational for the sake of it. 

Suppose someone has the belief "I'm just not naturally smart enough to do well in school"is that a belief that helps them or hinders them? Of course it hinders them, they can bunk off class, not revise and fail tests all with the assuredness that it's just "not their thing". My idea is that you should instead take on an empowering belief, one that helps you get to where you need to be. Instead of thinking you can't do anything take on the belief that "If I try hard enough I can do well in school" You just have to admit that it will be a slog and that's unfair but the only place that is fair is heaven and we ain't there yet so you'll need to work for it. With this belief, you can do everything you need to do to do well in school. Sure you might not do as well as the naturally gifted kids, but what's the other alternative? Failing school? 

It's not a perfect solution but it's making the best out of what you have and honestly that's the only thing you can do with this life. 

Published by Kevin Li