Stretching ah, so very important and people just miss it out there training regime so much, so easily missed! Be careful you beautiful people, stretching is more important than you think!

Why does stretching help you??

Stretching helps for posture, confidence, its great for all the muscles, for a  warm up and warm down. Its good for the spine, it helps improve flexibility, correcting posture buy lengthening those tight muscles, helps the potential of decreasing injury, as the muscles are then prepared to work. it also increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, thereby reducing muscle soreness, it also helps mentally not just physically it helps the mind, such as things like pilates or yoga. There are few things to bare in mind, of how stretching can really help so much. Today’s blog post will be about some stretches I personally do either when training or just to help me feel less achy, tight or stressed.

Frist thing I do every morning is stretch my arms up and then this is lengthening my back, I sleep in a curled up tight ball so this freshens me up for the day. I also roll my wrists and ankles, as these tend to tighten, then usually click a lot. I then stand up straight, really tall, before I begin anything.

Some exercises should be performed after the body is warm so after a warm up of either walking or jogging, step etc., stretching should then be done, (hold each stretch for 8 to 10 seconds each)
I always start from the bottom to the top, so from my feet to my head.
First I start with rolling and circling my ankles, they click a few times you see, then I do a hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch and also a calf/gastrocnemius stretch. i also sometimes lean to the side as if i were doing a side lunge to stretch out my inner thigh. Them I move on to my middle/stomach area. I tend to roll my hips in circles then lean all the way forward and then slightly back (hyperextension to the back), I then turn side to side to loosen the hips. Laying flat on my back, and then doing a bridge stretch also helps my middles area free of. Then my shoulders and arms, I do big circles with my arms forwards and backwards, then reaching tall and touching my toes (helps stretch my legs to) I then stretch my biceps, deltoids and triceps. I sometimes do a yoga pose to help my shoulders to. I also put my hands in front and behind my back to help stretch out my chest, back and shoulders. I love to do the cobra stretch and bridge movement to help all over body stretch I then, roll my neck, look up, down and sideways to loosen my neck, I will do some after warm up before my training and then again some more after my training. (look up “gastrocneimus” stretch on google, do the same for each muscle i have mentioned there are many stretches you can do, which ever one appeals to you the most)

This is just my way of training, and stretching, do you own research of course this is here to help for inspiration and guidance but it is my own stretching regime made up by myself so I know what’s best for me and my body and my aches and pains, I don’t know yours so adjust and research to help you and your body and even the mind, to relax and destress!

happy stretching
much love J x


Published by Jaydyne Overton