A complete drainage system has sanitary items, underground pipes, manholes and sinks. Drains are found in or near kitchens, wash basins, showers, bathrooms, and toilets. They are connected to the public sewage system and you need to maintain them by an expert Blocked drain services. They identify the causes and use modern tools and techniques to maintain the system. Apart from that, they are trained and experienced in this field, and they can easily identify the exact cause of your blocked drain and clear them out within a short time.

What Are the Basic Features of A Drainage System?

  • Kitchen and wash basin pipes run directly into the proximal indoor drains.
  • Bathrooms, showers, and toilets have their own drains that may be connected.
  • The indoor water flows are directed out of the house using visible or underground pipes.
  • These pipes connect to an outdoor system made of larger pipes, vents, and manholes.
  • The various parts are filter, strainer body, washer, gasket, and locknut.
  • A few coupling joints and escutcheons hold the traps and pipes in place.

What Causes The Blockage?

The main defects that are associated with plumbing are leakage, blocking, and spills. These problems can be found in both indoor and outdoor draining structures. Home owners and office supervisors have to rely on the skills of an expert Blocked drain services because they are specialized in this field and they can only solve these leakages issues. Even they can also relining your underground pipelines as well as the sewage lines without destroying your property. . They are trained to inspect, identify, and resolve all types of leaks, clogs, and overflows. The blockages are promptly solved to prevent damage of property, flooring, or electrical connections.

When Would You Call the Expert Blocked Drain Services?

Residents tend to ignore minor defects in plumbing and wait till a major event. This approach is flawed as even small deficiencies can be a health hazard. The best solution is to contact a company or contractor who delivers expert blocked drain services. The primary causes that are listed below require prompt and corrective action –

  1. Outdoor Troubles - The exterior plumbing is very robust and the underground network is also very durable. Foliage, tree roots, and mud or earth can sneak in over a period of time to block the sewage flow. The sludge in pipes also get clogged and mixed up with these external materials. This results in overspills, flooding, and foul smell in the surrounding areas.
  2. Indoor Defects - Kitchen waste, flushing defects, and dumped debris are the main culprits in interior blocking. This results in water stagnation and back flows in bathrooms and sinks. The poor air quality can also cause nausea, allergy, irritation, and sickness. 

Preventive Measures

Home improvement is a lifelong effort and focused approach is necessary for success. The best results are achieved by cleanliness and routine measures. Professional help becomes inevitable during emergencies and major disruptions such as pipe bursts and leakages.

  1. Kitchen - Monitor the raw and cooked foods and scrape the solid waste into a bin. Do not directly pour grease into the kitchen sink. Clean the sinks and basins regularly with good quality soaps and detergents.
  2. Bathroom - Flushing and moderate use of toilet paper is an efficient method. Prevent hair fall and keep the bathroom clean and dust free. Never flush down tampons, napkins face wipes, and cotton products.
  3. Exterior Drains - Regular inspection of outdoor drainage facilities and sweeping are essential. Gardening and compost heaps also prevent negligence and sewage spills.

After maintaining everything, if you face any drainage problems then you must call the expert blocked drain services on an emergency basis.


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