I have over time supported many charities, volunteered at schools where my daughter attended, organized fund raising events and spent many an hour happily supporting others to achieve great outcomes. I have signed up for webinars, paid money for "grow your business" opportunities and bought goods from school stalls I never used nor wanted. Haven't most of us. What happens when all of this isn't returned? Most people don't want anything for their actions, they do it for passion, friendship and perhaps an opportunity if ever your product or service is required someone will pick up the phone, or text or email and ask you to supply the goods you sell or even request you guest speak. My face book feed is flooded with "entrepreneurs" who can tell me "how to grow my business" make $350 with only $500, like my page and win, do a quiz that will tell you who you were in a past life, present life, how old you are, who you look like, who you should be, what career you should have, etc. some of them are fun and I do them but chose only to share when I feel like it. I am sure I get un-followed a lot, I think I'm boring and it is obvious I don't have a paid occupation or otherwise I wouldn't be so available on social media pages. Its ok if you do find me boring and obnoxious, that's ok. What people think about me is none of my business, there is one thing I don't do is share other people's business. It's not my style and as much as I would like to tell people about you if you tell me something I won't. I want nothing more than to support our business, our grass fed beef and lamb in Australia so others can not only enjoy good food they can share our dream of moving our business into the national arena. One thing we need in life is farmers and food. We need then 3 times per day (if we are lucky) we will have enough to share with others. There is nothing nicer than sharing a meal with people we care about or hearing from customers that love the taste and the quality of our meat. My favourite is lamb, what is your favourite? Do you share and do you have left overs you use?

Published by Robyn verrall