Here are some supposedly true stories that might leave you chilled to the bone. 

That Creepypasta Guy posted five videos of ghosts, including footage from a grave, and an abandoned prison.  In a previous post, he revealed five videos of witches.

Top5s video of five scary stories includes strange voices being heard over the phone, a mysteriously shaking bed, and a ghostly hitchhiker.  Planet Dolan reveals eight creepy and haunted roads, including one in New Jersey that is actually called Shades of Death Road.  Roads in Australia and Hong Kong also appear on this list.  Meanwhile, Lazy Masquerade’s video of haunted forests includes Zombie Road in Missouri, and the infamous suicide forest in Japan which was featured in a recent movie starring Natalie Dormer.

The Enfield Poltergeist and the Philadelphia Experiment are two of the tales features in Top 5 Unknowns five creepy stories of ghosts and demons.  Top5s video of haunted and cursed items includes the story deaths befalling those who discovered a body, and a cursed phone number.

Lazy Masquerade’s video of ghost experiences includes a creepy photo from the Grand Canyon, as well as the story of a creepy boy ghost.  Rob Dyke’s video about curses includes the story of the tragedies that have befallen the cast members of the original Poltergeist films, supposedly because of the use of real human remains in the making of the films.  Another video from Dyke looks at three supposedly haunted paintings.

The Storyteller’s video of ghosts caught on tape includes the story of a former institution for sufferers of tuberculosis, and a story from one of the more controversial ghost stories of all time, The Amityville Horror.

Now, let’s end this post with something that might seem even more far-fetched than anything else discussed in the article, mermaid footage.  Deburke321 presents ten instances of possible mermaids being caught on tape.

Published by Andrew Clendening