Aka my Plan B - a travel quest out West to find work, look for love, and surf/snowboard my butt off!

"If you can't figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose." - Bishop T.D. Jakes


What makes your eyes light up, what makes your heart tick, what moves you? For some people it is a corner office and designer clothes; for others it is their partner, kids, and family. For me it is surfing, snowboarding, and traveling. Let's admit it once and for all, I'm different, very different and I've been trying to fit this square peg into a round hole for way too long.

So even though I'm shit scared...(yes, I am, beyond imagination)...I'm selling all my belongings, packing up my clothes and heading out West with my tiny car to explore states and places I've always dreamed of! Don't call me crazy, Mom already took care of that :-) Call me wild, call me passionate, give me advice, teach me a safety lesson (or a surfing/snowboarding lesson). Help me out any way you can! I need your support, your understanding, your love. Now more than ever!

3 years ago I wanted to drive cross country from LA to MA. No one was available to join me.
2 years ago I wanted to go out West and ski bum for a season. I was told to get serious and focus on my corporate job.
Last year I drooled over the adventures of a couple of friends who moved to the Rockies/Cali for the winter to literally ride their rears off 😢
This year my job doesn't want me any more, I don't have a family or a significant other here and New England finds me "too different, too active, too passionate, too beautiful, too smart"...just TOO much not in a locally acceptable way. New England, you broke my heart too many times, to hell with you!

So I suggest "Let's see what CO, CA, and the Wild West have to say. Let's see if the mountains in CO, WY, MT are big enough for me, if the coast of CA will welcome a Bulgarian Mermaid, if I'll land an interview where my origin and looks won't get in the way of my expertise and knowledge, and if a man out West will appreciate this passionate Energizer Bunny with never ending zest for life!

Till then I run wild!

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find somebody just as wild to run with them." - Candace Bushnell


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