29th February 2016

At a distance was another guest house with a dim light. It didn't look like a good place for me to stay the night. But went inside,just to avoid this creepy man following me. There were 2 men working. Asked for room rates and went up to see the room. They were also LKR700/= upwards and not worth at all. This was good enough to kill some time. Then I quickly rushed to the guest house right in front. It was an expensive one by the look of it. I was just trying to drag it on, in case the man is still outside. Then, once the area seemed clear enough, again started walking back towards the town. This alley I took was like a complete circle in the town, so I was back where I started. Finally with more crowds and not alone in dark alleys.

Went back to the first place I checked. Single non AC room for INR500/=. The receptionist said that they were out of rooms and the only type of rooms left were the double. I told him, that he should have told me this before, and I want only a single room. After arguing and confrontation, they gave me the double room for the price of a single. They were trying to pull a fast one there, try to rent me a double room instead of one. I was just not in the mood for Indian rip offs. I was taken to the room in an old fashioned elevator,which you pull out a grill gate to shut. The room was nicely arranged and clean. I was very pleased. Very much worth it for just INR500/=. Clean sheets, a blanket,fan, tv, telephone,attached bathroom and even bed head switches! Where would you get a room with the key control central electricity and 1004 satellite tv channels for this price!!? Yes, I did count how many tv channels there were. I was even given a clean towel to wash up and a little soap in the bathroom. Quite posh for the price. There even was hot&cold water options in the bathroom! Good deal indeed. Oh! and don't forget FREE WIFI!!


the wifi! yeyee!
switch board to control lights, fans in the room right next to the bed. telephone to call the reception. night table next to the bed.
double bed with clean sheets, blanket and towel.

That was the first thing I did, activate WiFi on my phone and call my home in Sri Lanka. I even messaged Sve to let her know I am ok. I was safe, yes, but I was still worried about having to spend a night in a budget hotel in India, alone. I couldn't sleep. I had to be back up and be ready by 4am tomorrow to catch the bus. And it was past 11pm. I only had my handbag,so, I didn't have any clothes to change. I washed up just my face and hands in the bathroom and laid in the bed. The Airtel should be working now. I had to call the call-center and do some verification before they activate my number. So I called them for that. The thing with Indian call centers is that, even if you ask for help in English language, they still talk like Hindi. So it's difficult to understand. First they said they couldn't activate my number as the address I gave was wrong. I gave my home address in Colombo, since I thought that was the one given to the connection. Then after talking with the agent, I understood that I have to give my Indian address. For some reason, I very well remember Sve's address. Once it was given my sim was FINALLY activated.

Well, the bad part of this trip is over. I survived all that without a working telephone and not calling up anyone. But, then again, who would have come to help me out anyway? I didn't know anyone in Tirupathi. A working telephone would have just given me confidence.  Or maybe may have made things worse. Like, if my father knew I was all alone in a night bus and was walking alone around Tirupathi town, he would have gotten a heart attack right then and there. Maybe, it is a good thing not to have a way of contacting anyone and managing things on your own.


watching the academy awards on star movies :)

Having said all this, I am still afraid to fall sleep and spend the night at the hotel. I don't have a choice. Flicked the channels on tv. Star Movies was showing the Oscars. Watched it till like 1.30am or so [this is a posh hotel :) hahaha]. I don't even have star movies at home in Colombo! lol] . By the end of it, I was extremely tired and sleepy. It was time to give in. I had to sleep. But I kept the lights on, just in case. Made sure everything was locked. No hidden cameras any where [ I was being paranoid]. Kept my bag right next to me at the bed stool. My phone charging. Alarm set at 3.30am. Still in my clothes which I wore at 5am this morning, I was laying to sleep.

"I came here to see God. Nothing bad would happen to me. I will wake up tomorrow morning safe, unharmed".

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